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Brad Pitt’s Newest Film Is Not Anti-Capitalist

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 25th, 2012

Brad Pitt, certainly the biggest star so far to grace the soggy Cannes red carpet, has denied that his newest film, the gangster saga KILLING THEM SOFTLY is a chronicle of the failures of capitalism and an attack on America and the failed promise of Barack Obama’s presidency. At a press conference immediately following the press screening of the film on Tuesday, Pitt insisted that only part of that is true. While he admitted that the gangster film is about more than money and murder, he did hint at the fact that the project is “saying something about the larger world and does take a hard look at the American economic system, from Wall Street to Hollywood.” In reviewing the film, the Los Angeles Times called it “arguably the first post-Occupy film — or, perhaps, what the documentary INSIDE JOB might look like if it was a fictional feature.” While the film is sure to generate controversy, Pitt also used the platform to deny rumors that he has already married his longtime partner Angelina Jolie and made a pledge that they would not get married until full marriage equality was the law of the land in the United States. Of course, this did not preclude the couple hooking up in France, where they already have a home.

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