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Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 18th, 2011


SAN JOSE, CA – The art of cinema has always relied on technology to take vision to screens and audiences. Holding a unique position of bringing the worlds of the Silicon Valley and motion pictures together, Cinequest has consistently showcased and championed innovations that empower creativity first.

Previous Cinequest firsts:

  • First film institute to provide a comprehensive US distribution solution for festival films – including DVD, Internet, TV and select theatrical releases, launched in 2006.
  • First independent distributor to engage in direct Internet-to-TV distribution.
  • First in the world to enable online downloads of feature films in DVD/HD quality in 2004.
  • First to present online festival in conjunction with live festival in 2004 at Cinequest 14, allowing film lovers around the globe to view festival films, now common festival practice.
  • First festival to bring short films to handheld mobile devices in 2004 at Cinequest 14.
  • First festival to showcase 24P cameras and workflow in 1998 at Cinequest 8.
  • First festival to showcase solid-state filmmaking technology in 2006 at Cinequest 16.
  • First festival to accept all digital film formats and to project digitally in all screens in 2000 at Cinequest 10.
  • First festival to showcase the media delivery capacities of QuickTime in 1997.
  • First festival to create and to implement its own server system for digital content in 2005 at Cinequest 15.

New Exhibition Technologies:

Barco DCI compliant projection (recently named world’s brightest projectors by The Guinness Book of World Records) will enhance Cinequest venues with state-of-the-art digital and 3D technologies. Omneon servers and Panasonic technologies will continue to insure Cinequest’s commitment to being the preeminent digital festival. HP TouchSmart screens loaded with applications including TweetRiver will connect bloggers and social communities with festival venues and attendees enhancing the highly interactive Cinequest experience.

Maverick Artist & Innovator Forums

Presented by Intel
Cinequest has been host to a number of pioneering movements that have revolutionized the film industry from digital production to distribution. This year, join Cinequest to learn about hot topics in the world of film making, exhibition and distribution and celebrate the excitement of being ahead of the curve.


Mastering the Art of Maverick Filmmaking
with Jacob Rosenberg
Friday, March 4
3-4:30 pm
Camera 12 Cinemas

Presented by Adobe
Emerging filmmakers face many opportunities and questions regarding the latest in filmmaking tools. Now that the digital filmmaking revolution has occurred, where does that leave artists?

How do you effectively execute your vision for the screen and for the audience? With a multitude of high tech tools now available, how do you choose the ones that will most aid your filmmaking? And can filmmaking as a hobby readily turn into a career?

Cinequest and Adobe bring you a man who has successfully found the answers to these questions. He will share his insights, creativity, experience and wisdom to empower your art and career. Jacob Rosenberg, CTO for Bandito Brothers, has spent the majority of his career utilizing digital technology and digital workflow to create and edit films. Since joining Bandito Brothers he has contributed his technical expertise to films such as Superman Returns, Avatar and August Evening. He will take you step by step through the Bandito Brothers workflow that he created and present snippets of their next movie, Act of Valor , all while explaining how the company uses Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 Master Suite to bring their visions to life. An industry leader, Jacob Rosenberg makes filmmaking fun, refreshing and rewarding through his talent in driving some of the most unique projects with his latest knowledge in technology.


Focus on 3D
2010 brought a huge wave of dazzling blockbuster 3D films from Avatar to Tangled, so it’s time to start talking about how 3D cinema can revolutionize the film viewing experience as well as explore opportunities for indies who don’t have studio budgets. Join our artists & innovators in learning and brainstorming about the technologies employed in 3D filmmaking, the nature of the 3D viewing experience and how we can maximize the effectiveness of 3D technology in all filmed media including gaming, feature and short films, documentaries and live action.

3D Celebration Part I-Overview of 3D
Saturday, March 5
San Jose Repertory Theatre

A dynamic group of 3D experts will visually demonstrate and discuss an array of hot topics and questions in the emerging world of 3D including:

  • Will 3D provide a viable opportunity for new and emerging filmmakers or will this remain a studio driven format?
  • Compare the 3D cameras currently on the market.
  • How to create cost effective 3D movies.
  • Has 3D created a better content experience for viewers?
  • For films created in 2D & 3D how do the box office numbers compare?
  • What films most effectively utilized 3D to enhance the film experience? How did they do this?
  • Similar to the colorization of the black & white films; how are film goers accepting the processing of 2D classics (example: Titanic)
  • What is the projected overall economic impact of 3D? Box Office, Home Entertainment? Will it continue?
  • How soon will there be a viable non-glasses solution?
  • What is the overall saturation of theatres converting screens to 3D? What is the projected roll out over the next 1, 3, 5 years? What challenges are theatre owners experiencing?

3D Celebration Part II-How-to Make It 3D with Jon Chu
Saturday, March 5
San Jose Repertory Theatre

Jon Chu will lead a presentation on how-to make a 3D motion picture on small to large budgets. Fans, students, pros who never made 3D, and experienced 3D filmmakers will all enjoy and benefit from the exciting opportunity.

A native of Palo Alto, California, director Jon M. Chu headed south to attend the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Chu was honored with the Jack Nicholson Directing Award, the Princess Grace Award, and the Kodak Student Filmmaker Award.

His feature film debut, Touchstone/Summit’s “Step Up 2: The Streets” not only grossed more than 150 million dollars worldwide but also earned him an MTV Movie Award. Chu broke into the online space with the success of “The Biggest Online Dance Battle,” which grew into a worldwide phenomenon with more than 20 million views online and led to the creation of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (, an online superhero series told through only dance.

The second half of 2010 brought the release of Chu’s second feature film, Touchstone/Summit’s “Step Up 3D” which has now grossed over 165 million dollars worldwide. Chu directed “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D”, to be released in February 2011 for Paramount Pictures.


Make it Easy, Make it Great
Sunday, March 6
Camera 12 Cinemas

Presented by Nokia
Join a stellar group of presenters, including an Academy Award winner, to understand the exciting opportunities that break-through mobile cinema offers artists, producers and all individuals wanting to create great short-form video for friends and family. Presentation combines visual demos with insider information about exciting topics including:

  • An overview of mobile innovations (especially N8 phone cameras) and how they can benefit fast, cheap, yet very high quality filmmaking.
  • A documentarian shows how mobile, ultra-small, yet high capacity cameras can radically assist filmmaking especially in challenging and even dangerous situations.
  • Mobile device can be used spontaneously when the idea strikes – either for final product or proof of principle. Also, think the purposefully homemade looking, but massively successful Blair Witch Project.
  • Shooting with your phone does not have to mean compromising on quality anymore. Meet the new CameraPro and VideoPro applications from BLStream, armed with sophisticated special effects, HDR, digital filters and real-time preview. Built around user-extensible architecture, enabled with UI, designed for flexibility and ease of operation.
  • Hear from the creator of Pocketbooth, a vintage photobooth simulator for y our mobile phone that allows you to create some of the world’s shortest shorts: a 4-frame film strip narrative.
  • LiveCast – Complete Mobile News Team in a Box. Ideal for a live multi-camera shoot of a newsworthy event. Live video stream can be output for viewing on many platforms, while concurrently being archived on the cloud.
  • Marketing and Distribution aids:
    • iMatte – Sister company to Ultimatte, inventor of the Hollywood “blue screen” technology. App is used in marketing – put out stills of your movie (independent movie or Hollywood blockbuster) and allows individuals to photograph their friends or themselves into a movie scene. Just position subject against a blank wall of any color. While label application, branded per movie.
    • Sh@re – put out movie trailers on a customized web based platform directly from the device, optimized for viewing on other mobile devices.
    • Bollywood distribution company to talk about how they stream movies to mobile phones.

Ticket, event and schedule information:

Cinequest Empowers Mavericks to transform our lives for the better.

  • Cinequest Film Festival 21, March 1-13, 2011: discovery, innovation and connection.
  • Picture the Possibilities: empowers youth to tell their stories and present a vision for a better tomorrow.
  • Cinequest Mavericks Studio: producing and distributing A-list movies, episodic television and new media.

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