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Festival Scope’s San Francisco FF Titles

Written by: FFT Webmaster | June 20th, 2011

Festival Scope, an online viewing site for film professionals, has partnered with its first film festival in the United States. A select number of films that screened at last month’s San Francisco International Film Festival will be available to the site’s restricted members of  buyers and festival programmers. The bulk of the films screened in the Festival’s New Directors and Documentary sections including DETROIT WILD CITY (Florent Tillon), THE DISH AND THE SPOON (Alison Bagnall), CHILDREN OF THE CLEVES (Régis Sauder), THE REDEMPTION OF GENERAL BUTT NAKED (Eric Strauss and Daniele Anastasion), THE GREEN WAVE (Ali Samadi Ahadi), LIVING ON LOVE ALONE (Isabelle Czajka), ULYSSES (Oscar Godoy) and WITHOUT A SUMMER (Tan Chui Mui).

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