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HD Expo Transitions To CREATESPHERE

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 24th, 2009

Expansion Aimed at the Broadening Needs & Interests of Content Creators

February 17, 2009 (Burbank, CA) 2009 has ushered in a year of transformation for HD EXPO, the well-known industry trade show and conference, as it enters the “Createasphere.” Starting at the beginning of 2009, HD EXPO will expand from its trade show roots supporting the adoption of a single technology to an organization that champions the broader needs and interests of the content creation world.

HD EXPO launched in 2001 as a trade show directed towards the users of emerging production and postproduction technologies. Over the course of the past eight years, HD EXPO grew into a conference, exhibition and education company with shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and a number of online, training and communication offerings. During that time, dramatic changes in the technologies, workflows and approaches of its audience and sponsors became more apparent. Game-changing technologies appeared and proliferated. These include; 3D, powerful editorial tools, new cameras, tools for asset management, IPTV, radical changes in content distribution, and collaborative technologies and many other advances. HD EXPO’s focus has broadened in response. In short, HD EXPO is moving from a technology-centric event to a broad-based approach that speaks directly to the creative community.

Kristin Petrovich, President of HD EXPO, noted, “As the global content creation community continues to reinvent the way we work, HD EXPO is expanding into a multi-faceted organization that will dynamically answer the needs and questions of our community. While high definition was the rallying cry that caused me to start this company at the beginning of the new millennium, eight years later it has become a single piece of the puzzle of content creation. We learned that the needs of the content creator are varied and vast and that HD EXPO would have to grow to meet them – thus, Createasphere. Our audience, and Createasphere, is not about one technology, one approach – it’s about the entire spectrum. That spectrum includes differing opinions, different needs and different creative goals. We are now better positioned to help our community get the answers they are seeking.”

Createasphere is a multi-layered organization including:

  • CREATEASPHERE EXPLORE: Expos and events from Coast to Coast.

Createasphere Explore continues to bring together the best of the creative production and technology community in a dynamic, hands-on experience in cities around the country.

  • CREATEASPHERE LEARN: Continuing Education and Knowledge

Quality professional development for content creators in workshops, seminars, and custom training presented by top tier instructors and experts.

  • CREATEASPHERE ACCESS Virtual Resources

Access to the resources and expertise from an extensive library of online content.

  • CREATEASPHERE CONNECT: The Membership Community

Connects content creation peers and innovators, leaders and members from all parts of the entertainment and technology industries in a unique, one of a kind professional network for content creators. Social network, events, education, and community.

Createasphere Connect was launched to a select, VIP audience earlier this year and soon had over 1,100 members. The community’s first event, which was held at 3ality Digital 3D, offered members an in-depth, up-close look at the 3D leader’s facility and projects. The event at 3ality was hosted by founder Steve Schklair and Ted Kinney, 3ality’s Head of Production.

Petrovich concluded, “We find ourselves in one of the most amazing and exciting times of transformation in the country and in the entertainment industry. The need for information and community is exploding exponentially. All of us who are a part of HD EXPO are excited to transition that great event and brand into an even greater organization that will build a phenomenal community. I profoundly believe in our tagline, and that Createasphere will indeed help put ‘the future in hand’ for our community.”


Since 2001, HD EXPO has created venues where the entertainment and technology communities meet and exchange invaluable information, community and education.

In 2009, HD EXPO transitions to CREATEASPHERE, a world where entertainment technology and creative vision converge. CREATEASPHERE, building on the success of HD EXPO, is an integrated organization presenting multi-tiered offerings that include expos and events, a membership organization, ongoing professional educations, and a dynamic online content resource. HD EXPO-CREATEASPHERE is headquartered in Burbank, California.


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