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Tribeca’s Social Media Toolkit

Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 24th, 2011

Just for Filmmakers: Tribeca’s Social Media Toolkit

The great thing about the age in which we live is that contemporary technology allows our conversations to go further. No longer limited to face-to-face interactions, we can now share our love of movies with an online community of film enthusiasts who have united en masse on social media platforms. At Tribeca, we encourage our fans to talk about movies on our Facebook page, have a conversation on our Twitter account, share their photos from Festival events on Flickr, and leave comments on our blog posts.

We also encourage Tribeca-related filmmakers to jump on board the social media bandwagon and create their own unique presence in the online world, so that we can interact with them within those spaces. But film folks are a busy bunch, and we understand that they can’t do this alone.

In an attempt to ensure that Tribeca Film Festival filmmakers are able to share their projects with an even larger audience, we began to conceptualize a resource that would inspire filmmakers to move their marketing campaigns into the online social sphere. The end result is all-encompassing Social Media Toolkit for filmmakers, which showcases strategies for the most effective ways to use social media platforms. We’ve tried to make our Toolkit as accessible as possible, with posts geared toward everyone from the Facebook newbie all the way to the avid tweeter who has their Instagram feed hooked up to their Tumblr account.

With posts ranging from how to set up a Facebook Page for your film to the blood-splattered world of Eli Roth’s Twitter profile, the Tribeca Social Media Toolkit will provide you with the advice and inspiration you need to start a unique presence for your film on social networking sites.

Obviously, this Toolkit isn’t just for Tribeca-related filmmakers. We want as many of you as possible to benefit from our style guides, tips, and features. This Toolkit will continue to be updated over the next several weeks, leading up to the Festival, and we will strive to cover any potential questions you may have. If you’ve found that you are unclear about something or want to see a post on a topic we haven’t yet covered, leave a suggestion in the comments.

In the end, we hope this Toolkit will point you down the path of successful social media strategy for your film. At the very least, we hope you’ll be inspired by the other filmmakers who have blazed ahead on the social media trail.

Now get out there and get social!


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