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Weinstein Company Sees Oscar Bump

Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 5th, 2012

The Weinstein Company is definitely seeing an Oscar bump at the box office for its high profile Oscar winners. THE ARTIST, which won five Oscars last week, returned to the Top Ten list at the box office, with a take just under $4 million for the weekend. The silent black and white film, which is in its 15th week of release, expanded to over 1700 screens nationwide and has grossed nearly $40 million in the United States (and counting).  It is expected to cross the $50 million mark in a few weeks, while it continues its expansion to multiplexes around the nation, fueled by interest generated at the Oscar telecast. The other high profile Oscar win, that for Meryl Streep as THE IRON LADY, had a more modest climb. Now playing on over 500 screens nationwide, the film added another $1 million to its coffers, making the total U.S. take just under $30 Million. This year’s Best Documentary Oscar winner UNDEFEATED has also benefited from the Weinstein post-awards push, expanding from 5 to 13 screens in its third weekend, taking in about $85,000 for the weekend, which brings its total to under $200,000. However, the company expects to roll out the film to more than 200 screens in the next few weeks.

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