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DoodlePRO – Finally, Digital Call Sheets on the iPhone and iPad

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 1st, 2011
Big Day, Big News:
The Wright Brothers, The Moonwalk……they were ok.

Seriously though, when we drew up the ideas for doddle, our first vision
went way beyond creating the best resource directory the entertainment
industry has ever seen. From day one we wanted to find a way to bring
the industry Interactive Digital Call Sheets, pulling from our directory and/or your address book, on your mobile device. We are extremely proud today to announce that doddlePRO is live in the App Store for an introductory price of $9.99.

Purchase Online: app store

Our Patent Pending Digital Interactive Call Sheets for the Film,Television and Event Industry keeps the world a little greener and your work flow much easier.
You’ll be able to create, edit and distribute your call sheets “On The Go”.

doddlePRO is the first easy to use, comprehensive “Production Guide”
that integrates with your workflow and the genesis of a paperless

“Imagine taking all the production guides from around the world, and
putting them in the palm of your hand. Well now you can, with doddle”

Macworld. 2010

“doddle allows the industry to go green by providing a completely
paperless product”

Variety. 2010

“doddle- A must-have App for filmmakers”
MovieMaker Magazine, 2010


  • All professionals and students that need to Find, Hire and Manage production teams and resources in the field and on location
  • All professionals and students that work on a production or an event that receive their instructions though typical paper call sheets
  • Anyone that needs help to organize their team more productively
  • Anyone that is tired of all the paper

With doddlePRO, resources that touch the production world from
Producers, Directors, Photographers, Grips, Gaffers, Sound, Talent,
Hotels, Restaurant, Catering and Transportation, etc. will be at your
fingertips, using all the greatest communication tools the iPhone can


  • doddlePRO has all the features of doddle PREMIUM plus the ability to create, edit and distribute digital and PDF versions of your Call Sheet Call Sheets
  • Add Listings Manually or from the doddle Directory Right Into Your Call Sheet
  • Interactive and User Friendly
  • Auto – Update Weather and Emergency Info for your Shoot or Event by Adding a Location and Date
  • GPS right to your location
  • Send Internal Call Sheet Notes to any member on your Crew
  • Send digital and PDF versions of your Call sheets to “All”, By “Department” or to “Individuals”
  • Password protect your call sheets and assign Editing rights
  • Assign Individual call times to your crew (Choose Report, OnCall, or Pickup)
  • Manually add any entity to the call sheet if you cannot find them in the doddle directory
  • Add Resources from your personal contacts
  • Add resources from the doddle favorites and recent pages
  • Assign 2-way radio Channels to Departments
  • Copy your call sheets so you don’t have to rewrite multiple day shoots
  • Rename your call sheets at any time
  • Call, email, or text your crew members right from the call sheet

So get *doddlePRO* Today!!!

Purchase Online: app store

Learn More:





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