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NAB2011 3D, 4K And Beyond

Written by: FFT Webmaster | April 25th, 2011

James Cameron and acclaimed DP Vince Pace got the NAB 2011 Show off to an auspicious start. They both see 3D as here to stay, and are partnering with ARRI on the upcoming Alexa M digital camera.  The Alexa now is the “hot” camera overtaking “Red” in desirability by many top DPs.

The opening keynote was 3D from Camera to Couch (Panasonic) and Lens to Living Room (Sony).  3D was ubiquitous, along with 3D monitors, controllers and 2D to 3D conversion tools. But besides the 3D, we saw where the future was taking us.. There was a plethora of new cameras, lenses, storage devices, support equipment and accessories. And we got a glimpse of NAB 2011: Penelope-Delta, a digital “magazine” with Dalsa 4K sensor and internal 4K RAW DPX recording. Sony had a 4K “whisper” room that showed off a Sony 4K camera and sensor  as a prototype. Sony displayed its top-of-the line CineAlta F65 and its way-greater than 4K (pushing 8K) sensor. Many believe that oversampling the resolution is a must, to achieve very good down-rezzed images.  F65 records to onboard solid state 1 TB SRMemory cards.

Cameras of  4K and beyond included: Sony F-65, JVC, View Plus 4K at Band Pro, Red Epic 5K,  Astro-design…

But the buzz kept returning to Arri and its new ALEXA M–an ALEXA whose sensor head is separated from body for more flexible permutations of 3D, 2D, Steadicam, remote and rig shots. On April 11, ARRI announced a cooperative partnership with the CAMERON – PACE Group (CPG) in development of the ALEXA M camera system. ARRI and CAMERON – PACE Group (previously “PACE”) worked together on several 3D projects, including THE THREE MUSKETEERS; Martin Scorsese’s HUGO CABRET; Ang Lee’s LIFE OF PI; and 47 RONIN.

Cameron’s own franchise AVATAR 2 AND 3  will be shot on ALEXA M’s configured for 3D at either 48fps or more likely 60fps.

NAB2011 was mind-blowing!


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