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Smoking Mirrors- Call for Artists!

Written by: FFT Webmaster | April 14th, 2011

Open to installation artists, set designers, multi-media and video artists, and lighting

Kinematik Dance and A+ Productions are soliciting proposals for exhibitions at
“Smoking Mirrors” for Fall 2011. Artists will collaborate with choreographers and
dancers in creating an interactive, multi-sensory performance environment. Winning
proposals will be sponsored for a two-week pop up gallery showing and two
performance events with reception. Artistsʼ will receive exhibition opportunity, publicity,
and documentation of work.
SMOKING MIRRORS is the first in a series of “Performance Design” events that
incorporates dance, design and multi media arts.
Part performance, part art installation, and part party, the event will include 60 minutes
of dances pieces that fuse movement, technology, imagery, and the unusual use of
props. Performances will take place in various areas of a created multisensory and
interactive environment, through which the audience will move to view performances.
Smoking Mirrors explores how identity has become synonymous with pixilation in our
fast-paced, media-driven world. How have our identities become pixilated through
advanced technology and social media and which stages of fragmentation have led us
to multiply ourselves? Has this shift given us more freedom and tools to define our own
existence or has it, in fact, limited our capacity to simply exist?
From the invention of the mirror to the I Phone, various devices have helped us create
replicas of ourselves, often blurring the lines between what is real, imaginary, and
symbolic. In this event we are inspired to journey through the various stages of
fragmentation to the inevitable negotiation of identity. Starting with the uninterrupted
experience of wholeness we move through the detachment of the self by reflection,
society, traditional media (advertising) and hypermedia (social networking).


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