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Accreditation Now Open – RIFF Awards 2011

Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 15th, 2011


Accreditation Now Open – RIFF Awards 2011 – 18/24 march – cinema nuovo
aquila – Rome

Acceditation is free and reserved for the press and film industry
With only a simple connection to the new site,, one can take
advantage of this opportunity. Accreditation allows entrance to screenings
after the withdrawal of complimentary tickets.
It should be remembered that accreditation and PASS will not guarantee
access to sold-out screenings.

“5” as the Festival’s Overture

A tale of crime with locations in the Roman periphery, the film tells the
difficult story of five boys who’ve known each other since their childhood
stay in a reformatory in Quarticciolo. Their deluded convictions, which
allow them to enjoy,…

Make Movies: Feminine Artistic Creativity

In addition to the usual international entries, which focus on various
topical social issues, the Festival intends, this year, to grant a forum to
feminine creative works, following the virtuous example of Women Make
Movies, a non-profit,…

Imports of Independent Cinema

Standing among the principal foreign films in competition are titles from
various prestigous international festivals, including: All That I Love by
Jacek Borcuch, the winner of the Audience Award and Best Set Design at the
Polish Film Festival, as… ROME INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL – via Po 152
00198 Roma


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