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American and Japanese Distribution Pact

Written by: FFT Webmaster | July 21st, 2011

Well Go USA, a Texas-based specialty distributor with offices in Taiwan and China, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for North American rights for films produced by the Japanese genre label Sushi Typhoon. The companies have signed an 8-year agreement which should bring an on-going supply of Japanese genre films (ranging from slasher films to horror titles to anime) to the North American market. The company, which specializes in Asian cinema, will releases 5 to 10 titles in North America market each month (with a particular emphasis on DVD, VOD, Online Streaming Platforms and some limited Theatrical Releases).

The first titles to emerge from the deal were for such scintillatingly squalid titles as MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD, HELLDRIVER, YAKUZA WEAPON, DEADBALL and KARATE-ROBO ZABORGAR. Sushi Typhoon, which has been in existence for less than 10 years, was created to bring the best talent from Japanese cult cinema to worldwide audiences. In their published statement, Well Go USA promises its loyal audiences over-the-top splatter and gore with a heavy dose of ironic comedy. For more information on the company’s titles and to view the entertainingly gory trailers, visit:

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