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Argentine Film Master Feted At Venice Days

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 24th, 2011

The Venice Days (Giornate degli Autori), a parallel event to the Venice International Film Festival, will pay homage to Argentine film master Fernando “Pino” Solanas. For years Pino Solanas has chosen the medium of documentary to show “his” Argentina. During the country’s harsh military rule, filmmakers were forced to conceal their messages in creative ways, including in neo-realistic portraits of the country that were often veiled criticisms of the system. The Venice Days will present ORO NEGRO, the second installment of an environmental triptych of films that started with ORO IMPURO (2009). These films have a strong connection to the director’s MEMORIA DEL SAQUEO (2004), which offers a collective work, in which the director acts as intermediary between his characters and the spectator in creating awareness of the government’s manipulation of the dignity of people and communities. For more information on this and the official selection of the Venice Days, visit:


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