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Film Forum Revives New York Thriller Classic

Written by: FFT Webmaster | December 21st, 2011

One of the great New York thrillers of the 1940s will be screened in all its black and white glory at New York’s Film Forum at the end of December. LAURA, the moody thriller that made a name for its director Otto Preminger in 1942, has one of the stellar casts ever assembled, including Dana Andrews as an emotionally stunted New York detective, gorgeous Gene Tierney as the Manhattan designer whose death he is investigating, and a slew of suspicious suspects, including the silkily suave Vincent Price, the effete Clifton Webb and the deceptively simple aunt played by Judith Anderson. As memorable is composer David Raksin’s legendary, haunting score, which became one of the most “hit parade” theme songs in movie history. This is Hollywood grand style that still stands up as one of the most iconic film noirs of them all. Revelers who attend the New Year’s Eve screening will be treated to complimentary champagne. For more information, visit:


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