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George Clooney Film Opens Venice Film Festival

Written by: FFT Webmaster | September 2nd, 2011

THE IDES OF MARCH, a political morality tale by actor/director George Clooney, officially opened the 68th edition of the Venice Film Festival on Wednesday evening. The film offers a docudrama look at the behind-the-scenes world of a presidential candidate in the last frantic days of a heavily contested primary race. Ryan Gosling plays an ambitious campaign press secretary who gets swept up in a political scandal involving the presidential candidate, played by Clooney himself. The film also pits stars Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti against one another as rival campaign managers. The film is adapted from the play “Farragut North” by Beau Willimon. The film is among 23 films — five from Hollywood — vying for the coveted Golden Lion, which will be awarded Sept. 10. The jury is headed by American director Darren Aronofsky, a two-time Golden Lion winner whose BLACK SWAN was launched to huge Oscar success after opening in Venice last year.


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