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Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 17th, 2011


Night Catches Us
Tanya Hamilton

A man comes home to find some of the demons of his past waiting for him in this independent drama from writer and director Tanya Hamilton. Marcus (Anthony Mackie) was born and raised in Philadelphia, but hasn’t been there for years when he comes back in 1976 to attend the funeral of his father, a local minister. Marcus came of age during…read more

Nick Sherman

Gordon Hempton is an Emmy Award-winning sound recordist who has spent the last thirty years of his life trying to find and record the vanishing sounds of nature. Every year, he takes several “soundtracker trips” across the globe in search of new listening opportunities. This film follows Gordon on one of these trips. This month-long… read more

Hani Moustafa

Roqaya, and sometimes Mai, is a young girl from the countryside of Egypt, who lives and works in the capital city, Cairo. The film depicts the last moments for Mai before she goes back to visit her family as Roqaya… read more

Greg Levins

BITTERSWEET explores the evolution of love and takes a long hard look at the underlying forces that often bring people together while just as often break them apart. With soft, elegant visuals and a number of powerful performances, BITTERSWEET weaves a meditative spell that will remain with audiences far beyond the closing credits…read more



Valentine’s Day Collection

This week, we’ve pulled together some suggestions for those who would rather stay home, turn down the lights, cuddle up with that special someone (or your favorite teddy) and watch a film made for lovers this Valentine’s Day. Enter discount code: ‘CUPID’ for a loved up and sexy 30% off all Valentine’s Day titles (including On-Demand and MP4 Downloads), ends Midnight February 15… more

Wade in the Water Children

Through a passionate mixture of private videos, uncensored interviews and school-day adventures, the children of New Orleans notoriously violent Central City neighborhood have created a riveting portrait of childhood at the heart of an ongoing American crisis. No one set out to make a film: six months after Katrina, filmmakers Elizabeth Wood and Gabriel Nussbaum moved to New Orleans with a free art program, intended to help students creatively express their thoughts in response to the chaos of the storm…read more

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