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Keanu Reeves Set To Direct Martial Arts Film

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 15th, 2011

Actorr Keanu Reeves is in negotiations with China Film Group and Village Roadshow Pictures to star in and direct MAN OF TAI CHI, a Mandarin-and-English-language martial arts film. The film would mark the veteran actor’s directorial debut. Reeves showed off his martial arts skills in THE MATRIX films and in the recently wrapped 47 RONIN, Universal Pictures’ adaptation of the Japanese martial arts classic. The film could be a major hit in both the West and East, with Tiger Chen, a kung fu master and Asian action star, set to co-star. Reeves would play the villain in the proposed film, which includes some serious fighting scenes. Reeves has long been fascinated by martial arts and is himself a devotee of the sport.

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