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Matt Damon To Make His Directorial Debut

Written by: FFT Webmaster | October 21st, 2011

Following in the footsteps of his OCEAN’S ELEVEN co-star George Clooney, actor Matt Damon will be expanding his filmmaking palette by sitting in the director’s chair for the as-yet-untitled drama he has co-written with THE OFFICE star John Krasinski. Damon will also star in the film as a salesman who arrives in a small town only to have his whole life called into question. Krasinski pitched the idea to Damon, who agreed to co-write it with him and to direct it. The movie, which is being set up at Warner Bros., will be produced under Krasinski’s Sunday Night Productions banner. Damon is also attached to direct FATHER DAUGHTER TIME: A TALE OF ARMED ROBBERY AND ESKIMO KISSES (quite a title!) about a criminal on the lam with his daughter. Damon shared an Oscar with his boyhood pal Ben Affleck for co-writing the original screenplay for Gus Van Sant’s GOOD WILL HUNTING, which also introduced Damon as a hot young actor.


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