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Michael Moore Speaks Out About Bin Laden Death

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 6th, 2011

Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has shared his views on the death of Osama Bin Laden in an exclusive interview on THE WRAP news site. According to Moore, the Al Qaeda leader was not killed but executed. Moore has been using his Twitter account to urge the Obama administration to come clean about the circumstances surrounding the terrorist leader’s death. The Oscar-winning director has been tweeting his belief that Bin Laden should have been captured alive and received a trial, as well as his theory that Pakistan was keeping the Al Qaeda head under house arrest with the knowledge of the US government. “I am a Catholic, and the position of the Catholic Church and the Pope is that we are 100 percent against the death penalty unless it is in self-defense”, Moore said in the interview. “Look at the Nuremberg Trials. We didn’t just pop a bullet in the heads of the worst scum in history. We thought it was important to put them on trial and expose their evil. In a democracy we believe in a system of justice and we believe in a judicial system that gives people a day in court.” To read more of the interview, visit:


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