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New Documentary To Mark 150th Anniversary of the Brooklyn Academy of Music

Written by: FFT Webmaster | November 16th, 2011

Brooklyn-based production company Plug Ugly Films has been tapped to produce a feature length documentary by and about the nation’s oldest (and coolest) performing arts center, BAM (aka The Brooklyn Academy of Music). The film will offer a historical touchtone for the institution’s 150th anniversary, during which time it has welcomed renowned music, dance and theatrical performers from around the world. These days, BAM has a strong experimental vibe, with its world famous New Wave Festival bringing all manners of performing artist pieces together. The film, as yet unnamed, will deliver a time capsule of some of the highlights of the past 150 years, as well as offer a unique behind the scenes look at the 2011/2012 season. Helmed by Director Michael Sladek and made in partnership with Room 5 Films, the as yet untitled project will be ready for late 2012. For more information, visit:

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