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No Refund Controversy For THE TREE OF LIFE

Written by: FFT Webmaster | June 27th, 2011

Even admirers of Terrence Malick’s trippy and non-conventional THE TREE OF LIFE would never call it a film for the masses. However, one Stamford, Connecticut movie theater that is showing the pic has made waves in the blogosphere by announcing that it will NOT refund dissatisfied patrons who may walk out of the meditative movie. The Avon Theater in Stamford, responding to some angry patrons who demanded their money back at half time, has begun issuing a memo to all prospective ticket buyers (and also posting it on their website) informing the public that the film is “not your traditional Hollywood film” and that it requires audience members “to be aware of the film’s unusual stylistic approach”. Angry moviegoers took to Twitter to rail against the theater’s policy but movie managers simply felt it was their duty to let people know in advance that the film was not your regular night at the movies.

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