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Rooftop Films Presents A Night Of Short Thrillers

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 26th, 2011

Rooftop Films, the presenter of outdoor film screenings at different venues around New York City, will showcase an international showcase of short films that tell the twisted tale of terrified souls trapped inside the machine of modern life. The screenings will take on the roof of the Brooklyn Technical High School in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn, followed by a live musical performance by local diva Ela Orleans. The short film roster for the NO WAY OUT evening includes: TWINSET (Amy Rose, Scotland), JPBF (Stephen Collins, USA), ONCE IT STARTED IT COULD NOT END OTHERWISE (Kelly Sears, USA), PROM NIGHT (Celia Rowlson Hall and Jae Song, USA), WE USED TO CALL PEOPLE LATE AT NIGHT (Eran Hilleli, Anna Shevchenk and Yoav Brill, Israel), EVASION (Speedy Graphito, France), PROTOPARTICULAS (Chema Garcia Ibarra, Spain), OUT OF NOWHERE (Will Lamborn, USA), WOUNDED MAN (Zachary Volker, USA), LARS SCISSOR (Andy Bruntel, UK) and BURNING WIGS OF SEDITION (Anna Fitch and Simon Cheffins, USA). For more information, visit:


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