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Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From The Oscars?

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 24th, 2012

The blogosphere is buzzing with the news that actor Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned from attending Sunday evening’s Oscar ceremonies. Even though the actor has a prominent role in the film that received the most Oscar nominations of the evening (Martin Scorsese’s period fantasy HUGO), there are conflicting stories about what is becoming known around Hollywood as Cohen-gate. Apparently, the actor was planning to attend the ceremonies dressed up and in the personae of the lead character in THE DICTATOR, his next film role due out in May. In the film, Cohen (forever in our hearts as the politically incorrect and wildly hilarious BORAT and BRUNO) plays a fascist dictator who visits the United States. The Academy is denying that it has revoked his tickets, but they have also made it clear that Cohen is not welcome to use the red carpet as a platform for a promotional stunt for his upcoming movie. Cohen has a history of using awards shows and other big events to hype his movies. To help launch BORAT in 2006, he arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival dressed up as his TV journalist alter ego, riding a wagon pulled by “Kazakhstani peasant women.” At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he came as gay fashionista Bruno. The Academy is careful to exclude studio-specific film promotion from its annual Oscars telecast. Kudos to Cohen who already has people salivating over how outrageous he will be in his newest film.

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