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Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 18th, 2011

1. Join “Philosophy of a Great Screenwriter” Online Event
Did you know there’s a screenwriting philosophy that can make it much easier for you to break into Hollywood? One that can make the difference between whether you make a deal or end up killing it?

Register here to get 20 “Philosophy of a Great Screenwriter” tips
FREE through email.

2. Teleconference this Saturday – “21 Steps to a Powerful Rewrite”

Want to learn to rewrite your script from someone who has had over 70 students optioned in the last year? (see evidence here)

Have a screenplay to rewrite?

Using a professional rewrite process can:

  • Triple the quality of your screenplay.
  • Cause you to win contests.
  • Attract producers to your writing.

21 Steps to a Professional Rewrite

The more effective your rewrite strategies, the better your script will be. In this two hour teleseminar, I will present strategies to make sure your next rewrite will be your best so far.

“It’s the best rewrite class I’ve taken. I’ve taken three, one was 2 months, another 2 days and the third six weeks. I learned more high quality tools in two hours with Hal than all of the other courses combined.”
— Kymber Yung,

Best of all, there is no charge.*

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • A step-by-step process anyone can follow to create a professional level screenplay that will be respected by agents and producers.
  • The #1 Key to Rewriting Success. Change this one thing and rewriting gets so much easier.
  • Three ways to turn ordinary characters into extremely compelling story people.
  • The most important question you must ask to turn dull scenes into dramatic and valuable scenes.
  • The #1 Reason writers won’t cut bad scenes. Don’t be guilty of this.
  • And 16 other Advanced Strategies for rewriting.

Whether you are entering contests or promoting your script to Hollywood, this call will give you valuable tools for improving your chance of winning and/or selling.

“I have never heard of such a comprehensive step-by-step rewriting process before finding you. I started not to even get on the call because I just found your website a few days before the teleclass. But, boy, am I glad I did!”
— Dolores Wix

Hal Croasmun

Los Angeles, CA
Copyright 2011, Hal Croasmun, All Rights Reserved


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