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Special Prize at Sundance for POSITION AMONG THE STARS

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 7th, 2011

Dutch Director Leonard Retel Helmrich Breaks Awards Record, Wins IDFA and Sundance twice

With Sundance’s World Cinema Special Jury Prize for Best Documentary (POSITION AMONG THE STARS), Dutch director Leonard Retel Helmrich is the first ever filmmaker to win IDFA and Sundance twice. Back in November, he had already broken the record for winning IDFA’s main prize (Best Documentary) twice, when the film picked up the Best Feature-length and Best Dutch documentaries at IDFA.

>From the Sundance jury report, Special Grand Jury Prize: “For his expose of the effects of globalization on Indonesia’s rapidly changing society as it ripples into the life of a poor Christian woman living in the slums of Jakarta with her Muslim sons and teenage granddaughter.”

POSITION AMONG THE STARS completes his trilogy about Jakarta’s Shamsuddin family. The trilogy’s second installment SHAPE OF THE MOON picked up Best Feature-length Film at IDFA in November 2004 and the Sundance’s Grand Jury award in January 2005. With THE EYE OF THE DAY (2001) Retel Helmrich started following the Shamsuddins as a way to portray Indonesia’s many social upheavals: nascent democracy, the widening income gap and the rise of a more militant Islam in the world’s fourth-largest Muslim nation.

POSITION AMONG THE STARS is produced by Scarabee Film’s Hetty Naaijkens – Retel Helmrich and edited by Jasper Naaijkens. SHAPE OF THE MOON and POSITION AMONG THE STARS are represented worldwide by Films Transit.

After Sundance Retel Helmrich travels to Harvard University to teach his patented Single Shot Cinema ( workshop there. Dutch distributor Cinema Delicatessen releases POSITION AMONG THE STARS theatrically on March 3.

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