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The Dueling Snow White Projects

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 17th, 2011

One would think that one project headlining the fairy princess Snow White would be enough for any film season, but apparently there are two similar projects in the works that will go head to head for a release in June 2012. Universal Pictures will release SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, a directorial debut by Rupert Sanders, to star Chris Hemsworth, the hot hunk star of THOR, the biggest grossing film of the year to date. With a cast that also includes Kristin Stewart (of the TWILIGHT saga) and Oscar winner Charlize Theron as the Wicked Queen, this seems to be an instant family fave going into next summer’s busy box office season. However, Relativity Media is still apparently holding on to plans to offer THE BROTHERS GRIMM: SNOW WHITE for a June 29 release date. That film, directed by That Tarsem, also has a stellar cast, including Julia Roberts (herself slated to play the Wicked Queen), Lily Collins, Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane. Can the marketplace accommodate two Snow Whites? It may well be the “battle of the fairy tale princesses” next June.

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