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Visual Data Launches New Closed Captioning Profanity Checker

Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 3rd, 2011

Visual Data Media Services – a leading provider of integrated end-to-end post production solutions and distribution for all media outlets – has unveiled Profanity Checker, a new proprietary service that provides an invaluable tool for producers and content holders who are held accountable by the FCC for the appropriateness of language in broadcast programs. Profanity Checker was developed specifically to identify, flag and report the words and phrases in closed caption files have raised issues with the FCC and that content holders can be fined for using. The service is built on the foundation of Visual Data’s unparalleled experience in closed captioning combined with their expertise in developing software solutions targeted directly to their clients’ needs.

The rapid-fire process begins with delivery of a closed captioning file to Visual Data, which is then run through Profanity Checker. The software will flag any questionable words or phrases and instantly create a PDF report for the client, who can then make informed decisions about what needs to be removed, left as is, or replaced. The PDF report allows Visual Data’s clients to make sure that their scripts, captions, and footage are matching and in compliance with the predefined standards that the client has set. Profanity Checker comes enabled with a built-in list of words that have proved problematic with the FCC in the past. In addition, clients may provide Visual Data with a list of words or phrases, in English or Spanish, specific to their content that can easily be incorporated into the master checklist as well.

John Trautman, President of Visual Data, said of the new service, “The expletive that is removed in the audio track but left in the captions is extremely problematic for our customers. Profanity Checker provides an important final check for first-air broadcasters and an invaluable tool for people applying captions to cut-down material. The process is very streamlined; in fact we can perform checks on entire libraries to assure our clients they cannot be fined by the FCC. After 16 years of captioning, we knew how to build a tool that makes our clients’ jobs easier and assures them their closed caption files go out without profanity.

About Visual Data Media Services, Inc.
Visual Data earned its reputation for outstanding quality, service and dependability by providing integrated end-to-end post-production solutions for over 16 years. To meet the ever evolving needs of television, feature film, and new media clients, Visual Data focuses on the seamless repurposing and distribution of content for all media outlets; including Domestic Syndication, Network Broadcast, International Distribution, Home Video, Video-On-Demand, the Internet, and Mobile Devices. Recently Visual Data made a significant investment in the growth of its services to better serve the companies that make up its stellar roster of clients. Visual Data’s veteran management team, with over 85 years of combined industry knowledge, ensures that customers will be met with a high level of service and efficient turn-around on tight deadlines. Strategically integrated services, all under one roof, allow Visual Data to fulfill complex deliveries and solve difficult problems for clients with ease.

Visual Data Media Services is a leading provider of integrated end-to-end post production solutions and distribution for all media outlets.

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