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Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 14th, 2011

REGULAR Deadline – March 15, 2011

In the Spotlight this week is THE 3rd INIGO FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF), an international celebration of films on topics of faith and spirituality, taking place on World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

TIFF showcases short films made by filmmakers under age 35, covering a wide variety of interpretations on Festival’s theme: “City of God.” The Festival seeks filmmakers who successfully integrate their religious, spiritual, and social themes with the resources of film as a modern artistic medium


Organized by the Catholic Church, World Youth Day is attended by millions looking to build bridges between continents, peoples and cultures. As such, accepted TIFF films screen in front of what may likely be their largest international audience, guaranteeing tremendous exposure. Winning filmmakers will receive transportation to attend the Festival, and the opportunity to promote their films in person. TIFF will be honoring Festival winners with awards and cash prizes totaling 5000 (EUR).

March 15, 2011 – Regular Deadline
April 15, 2011 – Late Deadline

The mission of The Inigo Film Festival (TIFF) is summed up by a quote from John Paul II: “The cinema enjoys a wealth of languages, a multiplicity of styles and a variety of narrative forms that are truly great: from realism to fable, from history to science fiction, from adventure to tragedy, from comedy to news, from animated cartoon to documentary. It thus offers an incomparable storehouse of expressive means for portraying the various areas in which the human being finds himself and for interpreting his inescapable calling to the beautiful, the universal and the absolute.

TIFF films can explore spirituality, the experiences of today’s youth, the presence or absence of God in our modern secularized world, or the twin dimensions of faith and justice. The maximum running time for TIFF films is 20 minutes.

In addition to cash prizes, the Festival will be presenting an Audience Award, and “The Fidel Goetz Emerging Film Maker Award” recognizing the best film by young film makers who do not have access to professional equipment.

If your film fits the festival, don’t miss this chance to take your spiritual, illuminating, or religious film to Madrid…submit to The Inigo Film Festival today!


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