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(NaFF News) Gustova Santaolalla, Michael Urslan, Vince Gill and More: 2011 Nashville Film Festival Presented by Nissan Announces Panels, Jurors and Added Films

Written by: FFT Webmaster | April 7th, 2011

Nashville Film Festival Presented by Nissan

Gustavo Santaollala

Nashville Film Festival Announces Panel Offerings, Jurors and Additional Films.

Evenings with composer Gustavo Santaolalla and Executive Producer Michael Uslan, a Conversation with Vince Gill, Discussions on Song Placement and Licensing highlight panel lineup; World Premieres of ‘Good Day for It’ and ‘Take Me Home’ join added features.

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – March 31, 2011 – An evening with composer Gustavo Santaolalla, the recipient of the NaFF 2011 Mike Curb Career Achievement Award for Film Music, heads up a diverse list of panel and discussion offerings at the 2011 Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) presented by Nissan, April 14-21 at the Regal Green Hills Cinemas. Santaolalla is the two-time Academy Award-winning composer of the scores of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Babel.” On Wednesday, April 20 at 6:00 p.m., he’ll receive his career achievement award and engage in a one-on-one conversation about his career.
Also on tap, in conjunction with Film-Com Nashville, NaFF offers “An Evening with Michael Uslan.” Uslan is the executive producer of 2012’s ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, along with every Batman movie made since the original Tim Burton/Michael Keaton adaptation. He’ll take part in a one-on-one interview with Jim Ridley, editor of the Nashville Scene, on Thursday, April 14 at 5:30 p.m.
Presented by the Film Musicians Secondary Market Fund, Nashville’s own Vince Gill will come to NaFF Saturday, April 16, at 1:00 p.m. for a free and open-to-the-public discussion on music and his journey from side musician to top-selling recording artist. Joining these evenings and discussions are panels on the Screen Actors Guild, registering and shopping scripts with the Writer’s Guild, using Kickstarter, placing and licensing songs, and more. A full list of panels follows at the end of this release.
‘We take great pride in our panel and discussion offerings,” said Sallie Mayne, artistic director of NaFF. “They really bring a whole 360-approach to experiencing film and the film-making process. Film and music fans are getting a treat with our evening with Santaolla, and we’re honored to have him and give him our Mike Curb Career Achievement Award for Film Music.”
Last year’s recipient of the award was Carter Burwell.
Joining an already packed lineup of feature films are two additions to NaFF 2011’s Special Presentations category: the World Premiere of director Nick Stagliano’s “Good Day for It,” starring Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Lance Henriksen and Kathy Baker; and the Tennessee Premiere of Mike Cahill’s Sundance favorite “Another Earth.” Joining the Narrative Competition presented by Bridgestone are the World Premiere of “Take Me Home” by director Sam Jaegar (of NBC’s “Parenthood” and the Southeast U.S. Premiere of Canadian filmmaker Chaz Thorne’s “Whirligig.” In the New Directors competition, Nick Moran’s “Telstar” gets a slot, while Ezna Sands’ reality-show gone awry exposé, “Tontine Massacre,” creeps into the Graveyard Shift.
Two films also join the lineup as special Tennessee features: the Northeast Premiere of Chilean filmmaker Alberto Fuguet’s “Musica Campesina,” about a 30-something Chilean musician arriving and navigating a new life in Music City, and the World Premiere of actor/director Josh Childs’ “The Nothing.”
Jurors for the 2011 Nashville Film Festival presented by Nissan have also been announced. The Narrative Competition presented by Bridgestone jury includes renowned actor, writer, director and activist Dan Butler, best known as Bulldog on “Frasier;” film critic Joe Leydon (Variety, Moviemaker, et al.) and blogger Nathaniel Rogers. The New Directors Competition will be guided by veteran producer and agent Darris Hatch, whose credits include “South of Heaven, West of Hell” and current CMT hit “Working Class;” David Moscowitz, a professor of communication and cultural studies and director of film studies at the College of Charleston; and Jane Rulon, former Indiana Film Commissioner.
The Documentary Competition presented by Documentary Channel jury is comprised of Dorothy Henckel, currently the Director of Acquisitions for the Documentary Channel; Jane Julian, founding member and director of the Durango Film Society and current programming director of the Port Townsend Film Festival in Washington state; and Joe Pacheco, award-winning filmmaker of “After the Fall” (NaFF 2010) and an Emmy-nominated cinematographer.
In the Music Films/Music City Competition presented by Gibson, the highest honor of which is the Gibson Impact of Music Award, the jury consists of award-winning musician, actor, and film producer Shaun Cassidy, best known for his role in the TV hit “The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries” and several Top 10 hits, including “Da Doo Ron Ron” and “Morning Girl;” documentary producer and director Kimberly Reed, whose film “Prodigal Sons” won multiple awards on the festival circuit (including NaFF 2009) and landed her a spot on the “Oprah Winfrey Show;” and Matthew Socey, the host of two radio shows in Indianapolis: “The Blues House Party” and “Film Soceyology.” The Short Film Competition will be judged by Brad Horvath, producer of the short documentary “The Book Lady,” (NaFF 2009) among other films, and Head of Acquisitions for Ouat Media, North America’s largest distributor of international short films; director Jamie Travis, whose six short films have premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (including NaFF 2010 winner “The Armoire”); and Richard Waterhouse, whose acting credits include “Courage Doesn’t Ask” and “Karl Rove, I Love You,” and directing work include 2010 NaFF selection “Respect for Acting.”
A complete list panels and additional films follows. Extended bios for jurors, as well as a complete list of all confirmed films for the 2011 Nashville Film Festival presented by Nissan, are available online at Visiting filmmakers and Red Carpet arrivals will be announced next week.
Tickets for the festival go on sale to the general public on April 7. Members of the media wishing to apply for media credentials may do so now at nashvillefilmfestival . org / press > “Apply for Media Credentials.”
Attendees are also encouraged to keep an eye on the Apple App Store for the launch of the Nashville Film Festival Presented by Nissan iPhone App, which will launch in the next few days.
Panels and Discussions:
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Screen Actors Guild, But Were Afraid to
Thursday, April 14, 2:00 p.m.
Designed for actors, both aspiring and working, this workshop will answer your questions about the Guild on topics ranging from how to qualify for membership, working under contracts, and how residuals work.  Get the scoop from Nashville Executive Director Leslie Krensky and a panel of Guild members. Presented by Screen Actors Guild and SAGIndie.
Batman & Other Tales:  An Evening with Michael Uslan
Thursday, April 14, 5:30 p.m.
Executive Producer of 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises,” directed by Chistopher Nolan, starring Christian Bale – along with every Batman movie made since the original Tim Burton/Michael Keaton Batman – Michael Uslan engages in a one-on-one interview with Jim Ridley, Editor of the Nashville Scene. Uslan is also a renowned comic book scholar, and was producer on numerous projects including “Catwoman,” “The Spirit,” “Swamp Thing,” “Constantine,” and “Where in the World Is Carmen San Diego?” Presented by Film-Com Nashville.
I Finished My Script, So Now What Do I Do:  Top 10 FAQs on the Writers Guild and How to Join
Saturday, April 16, 11:00 a.m.
Join Ursula Lawrence, Lead Strategic Organizer from the Writers Guild of America, East, in a discussion about how to register your script and join the Writers Guild. Ursula will provide information and answer questions on membership, benefits, contracts/signatories, low budget agreements and new media at the Guild.
A Conversation with Vince Gill
Saturday, April 16, 1:00 p.m.
Join Vince Gill in a conversation about all things music and his journey from side musician to top-selling recording artist. Presented by the Film Musicians Secondary Market Fund. FREE.
Blue Like Jazz: A Kickstarter Journey
Saturday, April 16, 3:30 p.m.
When a major investor pulled out of the project just months before cameras were set to roll, the makers of “Blue Like Jazz” decided it was time to abandon hope of turning Don Miller’s best-selling memoir into a film. Two fans of the book came forward an idea to crowd source donations and Save “Blue Like Jazz.” Thirty days later — $346,000 in donations from nearly 4,600 fans. The movie was named the Kickstarter Project of the Year and is currently in post-production. Hear about the journey from the filmmakers and see selected never-before-seen clips from the film.
Music Supervisors 101: The Basics of Song Placement
Tuesday, April 19, 1:00pm
Understanding exactly how to submit your songs for film or TV can make the difference between getting that song placed or having it wind up in the “circular file.” Our panel of top music supervisors, Andrea von Foerster (“500 Days of Summer,” “The O.C.”), Tricia Holloway (“I Hate Valentine’s Day,” “3:10 To Yuma”), Jon Ernst (“The Hills,” “My Name Is Earl”), Chris Mollere (“Greek,” “The Vampire Diaries”), Jenée DeAngelis (“Cold Case,” “Dr. 90210”) and Richard Glasser (VP Motion Picture Music/Weinstein Co.) will set down the guidelines for how, when, and to whom to submit your songs to maximize your chances and build lasting relationships. How technology is changing licensing and soundtracks will also be discussed. Jim Scherer (Whizbang, Inc) will moderate. Sponsored by SESAC. Please note: due to the nature of post-production, panelists could be subject to last-minute substitutions.
Sony 35 Millimeter Imaging Technology
Tuesday, April 19, 3:30 p.m
Join Sony Electronics for their “35 Millimeter Imaging Technology” presentation featuring the new PMW-F3 camcorder, representing a breakthrough for Independent producers and filmmakers. The new PMW-F3 camcorder is designed for a wide range of digital production applications from commercial, documentary, television and feature film production. Sony has a long successful track record of developing digital production technologies that give producers at any level access to the highest-quality imaging tools and the right workflow for their needs. Presented by Sony.
Music Supervisors: Advanced Placement
Wednesday, April 20, 10:00 a.m.
Open only to established publishers and industry professionals, this panel moves past the basics and takes an in-depth look at song placement for film and TV. Our music supervisors will discuss their current projects, and the more intimate setting will open up opportunities for submissions and relationship-building. Featuring top music supervisors Andrea von Foerster (“500 Days of Summer,” “The O.C.”), Tricia Holloway (“I Hate Valentine’s Day,” “3:10 To Yuma”), Jon Ernst (“The Hills,” “My Name Is Earl”), Chris Mollere (“Greek,” “The Vampire Diaries”), Jenée DeAngelis (“Cold Case,” “Dr. 90210”), and Richard Glasser (VP Motion Picture Music/Weinstein Co.) Please note: due to the nature of post-production, panelists could be subject to last-minute substitutions.
Third Party Music Licensing:  More Resources for Artists, Publishers, and Filmmakers
Wednesday, April 20, 2:15 p.m.
Over the last decade, there have been two key shifts in the music licensing world. One, it’s no longer a secret that music placement is a valuable revenue stream and buzz-generating component for artists. Two, music has never been easier to record in high quality. These two shifts have created an over-saturation of music for music supervisors. As a result, it’s never been tougher for artists to get their music in the ears of supervisors. Third party licensing companies can act as a trusted content filter, and as a valuable link between artists & publishers and music supervisors & filmmakers.  Join panelists Mike Swartz (One Louder Creative), Jessica Garey (Firefly Music), Liz McNichol (Paramount), and Josh Collum (Sorted Noise) in a discussion about best practices when it comes to writing, recording, and pitching music for film and TV.
An Evening with Gustavo Santaolalla
Wednesday, April 20 at 6:00 p.m.
Recipient of the 2011 Mike Curb Career Achievement Award for Film Music, Gustavo Santaollala is the two-time Academy Award-winning composer of the scores of “Brokeback Mountain” and “Babel.” Join us as we celebrate his career in a one-on-one chat about his work and his remarkable music.
Added Films:

Special Presentations:
Another Earth (Mike Cahill, USA)
Rhonda – an aspiring astrophysicist – learns out her car window to see a newly discovered planet and crashes into a family car, killing two. After serving four years in prison, she wants to meet the bereaved father to apologize. By this time, the new planet is much closer to – and an exact mirror of – Earth. An essay contest is being held,  with the winner granted a spot on a civilian space shuttle to visit the new planet. Rhonda enters in hopes of finding out if her mirror self has made different choices. Mike Cahill’s slow burn sci-fi romance lit up Sundance and announced the presence of Brit Marling (also the co-writer of the script) as a young woman to watch. Starring: William Mapother, Brit Marling, Jordan Baker, Robin Lord Taylor and Flint Beverage
Good Day For It (Nick Stagliano, USA)
Fifteen years ago, Luke was forced to leave town after crossing the leader of a criminal gang. Now, his daughter seeks to reunite. Risking his life to see her, he agrees to meet in a small diner on the outskirts of town. A fateful run-in leaves Luke with a decision, abandon his family one more time or face down his past. Starring: Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Lance Henriksen and Kathy Baker. WORLD PREMIERE
Narrative Competition:
Take Me Home (Sam Jaeger , USA)
Unlicensed NYC cab driver Thom Colvin (Sam Jaeger from NBC’s “Parenthood”) isn’t having a good day. Fortunately for him, neither is Claire. With her life in ruins, Claire hails Thom’s cab and asks him to take her to see her estranged father…in California. When the journey goes awry, the two are forced to choose between the past and the future. Starring Sam Jaeger, Amber Jaeger, Victor Garber and Bree Turner WORLD PREMIERE
Whirligig (Chaz Thorne, Canada)
A series of career disasters leads Nicolas to his retired parents’ home. There he meets Nina, their new next-door neighbor – a woman angry with her husband and ready for some excitement. When Nicholas realizes Nina thinks it’s just sex, his only hope of winning her love is through befriending her 12-year-old son. SOUTHEAST US PREMIERE
New Directors:
Telstar (Nick Moran, UK)
The directorial debut of actor Nick Moran (“Harry Potter,” “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”), TELSTAR is a music-infused drama about Joe Meek, the flamboyantly gay, tone deaf, songwriter-producer behind the ‘60s hits “Have I the Right,” “Just Like Eddie,” “Johnny, Remember Me” and “Telstar.” Starring Con O’Neill, Pam Ferris, JJ Field, James Corden, Tom Burke, Ralf Little and Kevin Spacey TENNESSEE PREMIERE
Graveyard Shift:
Tontine Massacre (Ezna Sands / USA)
In 2007, a new reality show called “Tontine” held a nationwide search for people willing to risk their life savings for a chance to win $10 million. Thousands tried out, 15 contestants were chosen and brought to remote location in Fiji, only for the show to then mysteriously disappear, leaving behind only vague rumors of a tragedy on set. Now, four years later, the film “Tontine Massacre” reveals exclusive footage of the eerie, explosive events that may have unfolded after disaster struck their deserted island and the contestants stopped playing ‘real’ and started being real.
Tennessee Features:
Musica Campesina (Alberto Fuguet, Chile / USA)
Alejandro Tazo, a 30-something Chilean musician arrives in Nashville on a Greyhound bus. He has little to his name, seemingly no mission, seemingly no goals. What will he make of his new life in Music City? Director Alberto Fuguet shot “Musica Campesina” while serving as a visiting professor at Vanderbilt. NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE
The Nothing (Josh Childs, USA)
Ren Dubbin struggles to reconcile his spiritual convictions with his fear of the unknown. He awakens in an eerie, ramshackle barn with four strangers. The men have no idea where they are and no memory of how they got there. The mystery turns to desperation and reflections on life and death, faith and the afterlife. WORLD PREMIERE
The Once Mighty (Motke Dapp, USA)
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