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Official Selection International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) 2013

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 22nd, 2013

IFFM-logoEvent: October 17-20, 2013 Venue: Anthology Film Archives 2nd Ave / 2nd St NYC
(More films to be announced by September 2, 2013)

Feature Films:
1) “Lost Years” Dir: Kenda Gee
2) “Lilet Never Happened” Dir: Jacco Groen
3) “Stand Off” Dir: Chris Notarile

1) “Not Fade Away” Dir: Rodney Reyes
2) “New Indies New Influences” Dir: Julie Deffet
3) “Will you Marry Me?” Dir: Jameelah Rose del Prado Lineses
4) “Sins” Dir: Ev Wolff
5) “Game Night” Dir: Sean Lynch
6) “Nilda” Dir: Joy Aquino
7) “Darryl’s Song” Dir: Karen Angala Shy / Katrina Angala Shy
“The Rwanda Blend” Dir: Sam Zvibleman
9) “Gold – Video Clip” Dir: Uzi Amir
10) “The Word Trader” Dir: Salvatore D’Alia
11) “Emma” Dir: Anne Hu
12) “Hit Town” Dir: Kevin Leigh
13) “The Morning After” Dir: Daryl Denner
14) “Save The Putnam Nature Trail” Dir: Guy Shahar
15) “Loaded” Dir: Andrea Williams
16) “Murky” Dir: Kevin Leigh
17) “Overture” Dir: Perry Escano
18) “Kuya Ko” (My Brother) Dir: Dean Banting
19) “Snake Eyes” Dir: Jay Max / Katrina Connor
20) “The Boy & The Tree” Dir: Jimmy Zhang
21) “A Conversation About Cheating with My Time Travelling Future
Self” Dir: Pornsak Picheshote
22) “The Learning Curve” Dir: Scott Eriksson
23) “The Gelephant” Dir: Jenn Liu
24) “Couch & Potatoes” Dir: Chris Lam / Eunsoo Jeong
25) “Tule Lake” Dir: Michelle Ikemote
26) “Fractured” Dir: Terry Sasaki
27) “The 40th Day” Dir: ShaSha Li
28) “Real Talk” Dir: Patrick Ng
29) “Last Game” Dir: Mike Cutrone
30) “Mga Liham Mula sa Alaska” (Letters from Alaska) Dir: Roberto Reyes Ang
31) “Defective” Dir: Gerard Mendez
32) “Model Citizen” Dir: Cecilio Asuncion / Toine Valentin
33) “Shoeshine Chicken” Dir: Fernando Cuestas
34) “Come Here Often” Dir: Christine Raia
35) “A Lothario’s Lament” Dir: Sheila Mitchell
36) “The Cofee List” Dir: John Henry Soto
37) “Visiting Hour” Dir: Fernando Cuestas
38) “iLove” Dir: Luis Enrique Rivera Cuyar
39) “Sexy” Dir: Dee Shin
40) “Barnaby Bright ‘Old Coats’ “ Dir: Andy Strohl


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