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Winter Discounts For NAPA VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL end March 31st – Also enter to win a trip to Napa!

Written by: FFT Webmaster | March 16th, 2011

Experience the Napa Valley Film Festival with one of these three choices:


– The Festival Pass

    What you get with the Festival Pass: 

  • – Official photo-ID festival credential
  • – Access to all regular film screenings
  • – Access to all panel and discussion programs
  • – Access to all wine tasting pavilions

$215.00 – Winter Registration Price (Ends 03/31/2011)
$165.00 for Napa County Residents

– The Pass Plus

    What you get with the Pass Plus: 

  • – Everything included with the The Festival Pass, plus…
  • – Opening Night Gala Celebration
  • – Tribute to Top Filmmakers and Celebrities
  • – Closing Night Awards Ceremony

$465.00 – Winter Registration Price (Ends 03/31/2011)
$415.00 for Napa County Residents

– The Patron Pass

    What you get with the Patron Pass: 

  • – Everything included with the Pass Plus, plus…
  • – Patrons are treated like royalty because their more substantial financial      contributions (almost entirely tax-deductible) enable us to produce each      year’s annual film festival and keep prices for everyone else affordable.
  • – Never wait in lines and always admitted first at both regular and special premiere screenings.
  • – Enjoy access to our exclusive VIP Green Room Hospitality Lounges in between screenings, with free-flowing snacks and the finest Napa Valley wines throu ghout each day.
  • – VIP access to special premier screenings on Sneak Preview Night (Wed), Opening Night (Thu) and Closing Night (Sun) … as well as at the Opening Night Gala, the Celebrity Tributes, the Closing Night Awards Ceremony and the Wrap Party.
  • – Unique dinner at one of Napa Valley’s most exclusive wineries, estates and/or resorts, combining a celebrity chef with a cult winemaker and celebrity filmmaker guests…create memories that last a lifetime!

$2,500.00 – ($1750 is tax deductible)


Follow the link below to enter for a chance to win a free trip to the Napa Valley Film Festival. Share this great opportunity with your friends!

Calling All Filmmakers! Next submission deadline is April 15th.
About Napa Valley Film Festival:

Cinema Napa Valley (CNV) is a 501c3 non-profit organization headquartered in Napa, California. CNV’s mission is to support the art of independent filmmaking and to enhance the cultural landscape and economic diversity of Napa Valley through artistic vitality. CNV produces the annual Napa Valley Film Festival (debuting November 9-13, 2011) – bringing hundreds of filmmakers and thousands of film lovers into the valley; presents special sneak preview screenings of prestigious new films at various times throughout the year; and supports the development of student filmmaking programs in local schools.


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