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aBetter Film Online Mentoring
(online) –   –
Online e-mail group moderated by Brook Elms to help film makers get and give feedback for FREE.

Adventure Film School
(Boulder, CO) – –
Leave the classrooms behind to teach the art of storytelling, cinematography and editing in the world’s most adventurous locations.  It covers every stage of the filmmaking process, from story development and shooting to editing and distribution.

Alpha Pacific Institute
(Phoenix, Arizona) – –  602.244.0300
API is the specialized training facility designed specifically for individuals with a passion for careers in Film and TV Production, Radio Broadcasting, Reporting, Talk Radio, Photography and more.

American University School of Communication
(Washington, D.C.) –  –
American University is a private doctoral institution situated in a residential neighborhood of northwest Washington, D.C. The University is made up of six separate schools, including the School of Communication, International Service, Public Affairs, Business, Arts and Sciences, and Law.

American Intercontinental University
(Atlanta, Georgia & South Florida) – – 877-701-3800
You can choose to study on campus, online or a convenient combination of both, you’ll have the connectivity and control to access your education and interact with instructors and classmates on your terms and timetable.

Arizona State University School of Theatre and Film
(Tempe, Arizona, USA) – –
We are a collaborative community of artists and scholars comprising students, faculty and staff. Through inventive curricula, innovative theatrical production programming and the latest digital film production technology, we are paving the way to the future of theatre and film.

Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design Film Program
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – –
The broadcast, entertainment, and multimedia industries are exploding with new and exciting opportunities. The Film & Video program at Drexel graduates filmmakers ready to secure these opportunities and leverage their skills and talent to realize their artistic visions. Professors in the Film & Video program are working filmmakers and writers who provide hands-on learning in film and video production

Ball State University
(Muncie, Indiana) – –
The academic environment is competitive, because that’s the nature of our industry. A TCOM degree and career take hard work, dedication, motivation, and even some late nights and weekends. So does life. And that’s what you’ll be prepared for. Employers trust that our graduates will come ready to work, and our grads are eager to prove them right.

Boston University Department of Film and Television
(Boston, Massachusetts) – – 617-353-3483
We prepare students for success in either the professional or academic world in the interrelated fields of film, television and new media.

Brooklyn College Department of Film
(Brooklyn, NY) – –
The Department of Film at Brooklyn College is the only public undergraduate department of Film Production and Film Studies in the New York area. The department has over 350 film majors from over 50 different countries studying film. Many have diverse backgrounds, previous degrees or interest in the arts that they bring to the study of film.

Colorado Film School
(Denver, Colorado) –
Located in Denver, has been identified by International Cinematographers Guild (ICG) Magazine as one of the “superlative” film programs in the nation “that rival the preeminent institutions”.

Columbia University Film Division
(New York, NY) –
Columbia University School of the Arts offers students the opportunity to study film at one of the world’s great universities, with a faculty of working professionals esteemed in both Hollywood and the independent film community.

Columbia College Chicago
(Chicago, Illinois) –
With more than 120 academic programs and nearly 12,000 students, Columbia College Chicago is the largest and most diverse private arts and media college in the nation.

DePaul University Center for Cinema and Interactive Arts
(Chicago, Illinois) – – (312)362-8714
As a student of DePaul University’s Digital Cinema Program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of cinema production and theory. You’ll receive hands-on experience with the latest production equipment as soon as your first year, and you’ll get an insider’s view of the industry from our full-time faculty.

The Documentary Center, The George Washington University
(Washington D.C.) – – 202.994.6787
The Documentary Center at The George Washington University has been committed to teaching documentary film production and to creating non-fiction films for international audiences. It has recently been named one of the top ten schools for documentary filmmaking and is one of the few educational centers in the nation that focuses exclusively on non-fiction film.

The Documentary Institute, The University of Florida
(Gainesville, Florida) – – (352) 392-0577
Offering students the option of an MA or MFA in documentary production, the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest will continue the DI tradition of producing award-winning and socially significant student documentary films. Graduate Program no longer exists due to budget cuts.

Dream Productions & Media Entertainment
(Humble, Texas /Los Angeles, California) –
In addition to the preproduction, production and postproduction activities, we emphasize financing, budgeting, sales and distribution, as these aspects must be integrated in your business plan to allow your production to become a success.

Emerson College: Department of Visual & Media Arts
(Boston, Massachusetts) - – 617-824-8800
At Emerson’s Department of Visual & Media Arts, the process of transforming your vision into reality is fast-paced, exciting, and rewarding. You’ll dive right in and start working with talented mentors, collaborators, and crewmembers from day one

(Philadelphia, PA) – –
Our 15-week and 40-week video production programs give you all the hands-on training you need to start producing your own video projects. These full-immersion programs teach Directing, Producing, Cinematography and Screenwriting as you write several scripts and produce film and video projects.

Fitchburg State College Communications Media Department
(Fitchburg, MA) – –
Students develop the resources to pursue careers in a broad range of media, business, public, and educational organizations

Flashpoint Academy of Media Arts & Sciences
(Chicago, IL) – – 312.332.0707
The goal of our immersive, hands-on, intensive program is to prepare students to become media professionals through exposure to real world tools, techniques, and the latest technical developments and trends.

Florida State University Film School
(Tallahassee, FL) – – (888) 644-7728
The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts provides professional training to a limited number of the very brightest students in the world. Small enrollments allow the faculty of professional filmmakers to maintain the high caliber of education necessary for graduates to succeed in an extremely competitive industry.

Grand Valley State University Film & Video Production
(Allendale, MI) – – (616) 331-5000
Emphasis areas include Animation/New Media, Documentary/Nonfiction, Cinema Studies, Fiction Filmmaking, and Sound Design; or students can design their own Individual Study Plan (ISP). The curriculum integrates production experience with the insights offered by media history, theory, and criticism.

Indiana University/Department of Communication and Culture
(Bloomington,IN) – –
Students in the Department of Communication and Culture explore the cultural dimensions and implications of communication practices from oral and written language, to film, television, and digital media. With faculty clustered in three interconnected areas – rhetoric and public culture, performance and ethnography, and film and media studies – the Department provides students with an innovative, interdisciplinary program that combines history and theory with critical practice

The Independent Film School
(New York, NY) – –
Wants to promote the influence of film making to people who cannot afford the price of  a major production.

Industry Film Schools
(Shrewsbury, NJ) –
The INDUSTRY FILM SCHOOL offers a truly unique production education environment for teens. The founders of the film school realize that the best way to learn is in a hands-on environment. That is why from day one, our students are immersed in a filmmaking or digital media setting.

The International Film Institute of New York
(New York, NY) –
The IFI believes that what you know is the most important aspect of your career in filmmaking, it’s always beneficial to learn from the masters of the art, and to meet and interact with established filmmakers. The IFI’s faculty is comprised of award-winning, industry professionals who teach at leading film schools, including Columbia University and New York University

Ithaca Film School
(Ithaca, NY) – – (607) 274-3011
Ithaca’s Roy H. Park School of Communications offers an unparalleled breadth of opportunities to explore the expanding applications of contemporary media: artistic expression, entertainment, journalism, online collaboration and social media, organizational and marketing communication, and instructional technologies

KD College Conservatory of Film and Dramatic Arts
(Dallas, Texas) – – (214) 638-0484
The goal of KD College is to prepare students for careers in theatre, television and film. Our purpose is to provide a practical, post-secondary education that emphasizes the skills needed in today’s competitive environment

Lights Film School
(New York, NY) – –
Online Program. Our course is “outcomes based” not “time based”, meaning you can take as much time as you need to work through our course material. You’ll have access to the course material for up to 2 years after you enroll. However, most of our students complete our online film course within 4-8 months

Motion Picture Institute of Michigan
(Troy, Michigan) – – (248) 528-1760
Our aim at MPI is to offer our students a training ground that stays current with technological advances. Our hands-on production curriculum continues to stress technique over theory while our creative curriculum challenges their imaginations.

The Nashville Film Institute
(Nashville, TN) – –  887.627.3456
To create the next generation of communication artists and teach them how to speak visually, as preparation for a career in the rapidly changing global film industry. We will educate them in practical and technical aspects of film production and train them to become entrepreneurs who embrace new media and the exponentially expanding commercial uses of the moving image.

The New School – Documentary Studies
(New York, NY) – – 212.229.5630
The New School’s Certificate in Documentary Media Studies is a one-year, full-time, graduate-level program. The certificate program offers you an opportunity to study documentary history, theory, and practice in a small, intensive program situated in New York City, the world’s documentary capital.

New York Film Academy Film School
(New York, NY) – – (212) 674-4300
The New York Film Academy is designed for a new generation of storytellers: visual artists who share a passion for motion pictures and want to learn by making their own projects in a hands-on, intensive program

New York Video School
(New York, NY) –
Online Program. NYVS provides anyone with a video camera an easy and affordable way to learn to make films and videos like a Hollywood professional.

NJ Film School
(Martinsville, NJ) –
No lectures here – the best way to learn is by doing. All of our classes are limited to 10 students or less and everyone is encouraged to “get their hands dirty”. Screenwriters will write, actors will act, and filmmakers will shoot films using our equipment.

Palm Beach Film School
(West Palm Beach, Florida) – –
The Palm Beach Film School located in West Palm Beach, Florida offers an intensive, “hands-on, learn-by-doing” training program that teaches students of all ages how to write, shoot, direct and edit their own short, character-driven drama, comedy or horror films at an affordable tuition in 8 or 16 weeks.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) – – 412-681-5449
Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is committed to the artist and the advancement of artistic excellence in visual arts – specifically film, video, photography, digital media, and fine and creative arts and crafts; the provision of equipment and facilities for artists; the conduct of instructional programs; and the stimulation of public understanding and awareness through exhibitions, demonstrations, and sales.

Prince of Prestige Academy of Film
(Maitland, Florida) – – 1-407-245-7355
Prince of Prestige Academy, School of Digital Motion Picture Production is different from most vocational schools. Instead of preparing learners for specific jobs, we prepare them for what’s to come in the future – life – opportunity – surprises.

Rochester Institute of Technology School of Film and Animation
(Rochester, New York) –
Students of SOFA are encouraged to develop their own personal vision and independent work while they develop the skills needed to fulfill any creative or technical role in our profession. We are a creative community where students discover their unique potential, explore their talents, experiment with ideas and express their message to the world.

Seattle Film Institute
(Seattle, Washington) – –
The 40 Week Full-time Filmmaking Program provides a comprehensive and integrated hands-on overview of the filmmaking process. The program requires a time commitment of at least 40 hours per week.

Berkeley Digital Film Institute
(Berkeley, California) – – 510.549.3456
The program prepares students to become Directors and Producers of Narrative Fiction Feature Films, Episodic Television, Music Videos, Commercials, and Web Episodic content, and focuses on the development of the leadership skills required to manage and lead, in all forms of fiction-based content, going forward

Cinema Arts Tech
(Los Angeles, CA) – –
Cinema Arts & Tech has been a long-standing leader in education for the film industry. Our fully established, licensed school offers programs in Producing, Script Supervision, Location Management, and Costume & Wardrobe Supervision

Chapman University School of Film and Television
(Orange, CA) – –
Dodge College of Film and Media Arts is a synergy of creative activity among a diversified student population. For a quick snapshot of the population, history, building, and important facts, just take a look at the numbers

Film Connection
(Los Angeles, CA) – –
The Film Connection Film Institute has been awarded accredititation by both the National Private School Accreditation Alliance (NPSAA) and the United States Bureau of Accredited Schools (USBAS).

The Hollywood Film and Acting Academy
(Hollywood, CA) – –
We are different because the entertainment industry is changing, you not only have to be good at acting and making movies, you need to understand that it’s a business and you have to know how to be professional, you need to know how to take tough criticism and you have to know how to promote yourself.

Hollywood for Kids
(Hollywood, CA) – –
Hollywood for Kids presents a wide variety of fun and educational courses for kids and teens, in filmmaking, acting for camera, television production, broadcast journalism, digital animation, fashion modeling, and much more

Los Angeles Film School
(Hollywood, CA) – – 887.952.3456

San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking
(San Francisco, CA) –
Includes Digital Filmmaking Programs, Workshops, and classes that are designed for students with a passion for learning the craft of digital filmmaking. Graduates will possess the necessary skills and experience needed to become directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors and independent digital filmmakers

Steinlein Productions
(Los Angeles, CA) –
Founded by Iris Steinlein in 2001, Steinlein Productions offers intensive Workshops in Filmmaking, Acting, Makeup Artistry, Modeling, Dance & Yoga and Voice. Training is hands-on and as authentic as possible so students reach their maximum capabilities.

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