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Digital Vision To Exhibit At IBC 2012

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 10th, 2012

At IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2012, Digital Vision will present the next generation of Nucoda and Phoenix, the industry’s best, end-to-end colour and restoration systems. They will also introduce Vintage Cloud, their unique semi-automated film digitisation and preservation workflow.

New for IBC 2012:

European debut:

  • Phoenix Video restoration: on view for the first time in Europe, Phoenix Video offers highly-automated restoration and enhancement of analogue video content from any tape source.

Extremely cost effective, Phoenix Video provides restoration facilities, broadcasters and archive holders unrivalled image restoration software that presents expanded revenue opportunities.

Phoenix Video is available as a standalone system or integrated with Digital Vision’s flagship restoration system, Phoenix Finish: combining a powerful film and video restoration in one system for the first time ever.

Recent examples of customers who are using Phoenix with stunning results include the restoration by Deluxe 142 of “Hitchcock 9”, the Technicolor Film Foundation restoration of Méliès’ classic film, “Voyage dans la Lune” and Eque 4K restoration of “The Beatles Yellow Submarine”.

  • Nucoda grading and mastering solutions: At IBC, Digital Vision will demonstrate its latest versions for Nucoda with extended dailies toolsets and colour workflow capabilities, and DVO options. This includes:
    • Nucoda Look – Latest addition to the Digital Vision’s grading and finishing platform: new pre-grade assist station and deliverables platform with LUT export.
  • ACES workflow – Full support for ACES (SMPTE 2065) throughout the Nucoda product line. This includes ACES IDT support for non ACES images, and direct output from RAW Arri Alexa RAW R3D images into ACES Colour space. ACES RRT and support for various Nucoda ACES ODT’s including direct support for the Dolby PRM4200 Monitor.
  • Stereo 3D tools – The new, automated “S3D Colour & Align tool” are now part of Nucoda’s stereoscopic workflow.  These tools enable users to automatically match 3D cameras, with advanced motion estimation technology providing morphing and colour matching capabilities.
  • New deformable shape tracker – Advanced and totally unique shape tracking concept. Instead of tracking and then moving a shape, the new tracker actually deforms the shape to match the changes occurring to the object underneath.
  • Vintage Cloud: Digital Vision will unveil its unique, semi-automated digitisation solution that will enable archive owners to preserve their film assets using a highly cost-effective end-to-end workflow, which includes all elements of the film digitisation process from scan through to delivery.Based on Digital Vision’s years of experience in film restoration, archive and file-based workflows, Vintage Cloud answers the needs of content owners housing hours of valuable material stored in film archives.

For information on the full range of Digital Vision products including the Golden Eye Film Scanner for DI restoration and archive, visit

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