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Gamma & Density Co. Workshops at HD EXPO

Written by: FFT Webmaster | October 19th, 2009

createasphereGamma & Density Co. Workshops at HD EXPO – Createasphere Impart Critical Skills Needed to Navigate Today’s Imaging Workflow

Workshops Designed To Keep Attendees Ahead of the Industry Curve

October 15, 2009 (Burbank, CA) – At HD EXPO – Createasphere on November 4th, in alliance with Gamma & Density Co. the creator of 3cP System (, two workshops have been announced that are aimed squarely at keeping the content creation community thoroughly prepared for the massive changes underway in the imaging and post production pipeline.   From production through post, powerful technologies and increasingly accessible tools for on-set  through delivery color correction, look management, and data management have set the stage for more and more hands-on involvement, earlier in the process, from a number of individuals.  Increasingly, information is being controlled long before a “heavy iron” facility gets involved to finish the project.

This is a fundamental change in how the image has been gathered and manipulated after production.  With explanation and hands-on demonstrations, both Gamma & Density Co. Workshops, “Basics of Film and Digital Cinematographers Technologies and its Synergies” and “Digital Image Management & Color Control for Any Type of Camera,” impart a thorough understanding of more than just technical tools and workflows that have become part of the process, but also of the larger context of why these skills are critical for professionals in the industry to possess.

Part One, “Basics of Film and Digital Cinematographers Technologies and its Synergies,” is aimed at attendees who need an updated understanding of color (color space/gamuts, color sensitivities, monitors reproduction abilities), expositometry, (latitude, speed, digital ISO), tonal reproduction (curves, gammas, viewing media) and basics of data management and production and postproduction workflows; ultimately exposing the similarities and differences in film and digital workflows. 

The Workshop Part One is aimed equally at non technical and technical team members from executives to PA’s, to all who interface with the creative team, production, and post production and need to understand how their images are impacted from the first day of production to the last delivery. There is a $20 fee for registration for Part One.

Part Two, “Digital Image Management & Color Control for Any Type of Camera,” is geared towards a more technical, hands on user, including DPs, camera operators, DITs, Post supervisors, producers, directors, UPMs and others who are integrally involved in the outcome of a project.  Attendees will leave with a practical understanding of data based image capture, data management, image and color management throughout the process, how to communicate color and “look” information through post, and how to smoothly move and transform the large volumes of image data from raw camera capture through dailies and editorial to final delivery.  This is an extremely valuable workshop for anyone who has to decide about cameras (film, RED, SI, Arri, etc.) to using the footage from any camera and ultimately completing and delivering projects that hit the image goals.  The cost for Part Two is $100.

Kristin Petrovich, President of HD EXPO – Createasphere noted that, “Data, color management and on set tools like Gamma and Density’s are having a significant impact on the content creation process.  Knowing that a project’s color and look are clearly understood from the first day of a project, to being able to use the data in a number of

ways, will shape the future.  It is our role to make sure that the most timely educational offerings are put in front of our community, and we believe these workshops will be extremely valuable to the community. Director of Photography Yuri Neyman (ASC) and his team have designed an outstanding, accessible training program.”

For further information about the workshops, visit ( or call HD EXPO – Createasphere at 818.842.6611.

About HD EXPO – Createasphere

Since 2001, HD EXPO ( has created venues where the entertainment and technology communities meet and exchange invaluable information, community and education.  In 2009, HD EXPO transitions to Createasphere, a world where entertainment technology and creative vision converge. Createasphere, building on the success of HD EXPO, is an integrated organization presenting multi-tiered offerings that include expos and events, a membership organization, ongoing professional educations, and a dynamic online content resource.  HD EXPO – Createasphere is headquartered in Burbank, California.

About Gamma & Density

Gamma & Density Co. ( is a pioneering world known company specializing in manufacturing and management of digital and film cameras workflows, tools and applications for cinematographers, helping them to preserve and manage the uniqueness of their vision technically and artistically. The seminar will be conducted by the Gamma & Density Co. team.


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