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PALM, Cinema India Expo, Musician Expo, Info Communica End on a High Note

Written by: FFT Webmaster | June 17th, 2010

createasphereInternational Attention, Standing Room Only Presentations, Experts and the Latest Technologies Show Record Breaking Increase in Attendance

June 15, 2010 (Mumbai, India) Diversified Communications India, a division of the US-based Diversified Business Communications, a leading producer of global events and publications, has announced the successful conclusion of the 2010 PALM and Cinema India Expos that took place June 3rd – 5th in Mumbai, India. Co-located with the highly regarded Musician and Info Communica Expos at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, the record breaking event occupied nearly twice the area of the previous year; closing figures for the expo show an impressive 28% increase in attendance, with over 11,500 participating in the expos. The inter-related expos presented advanced information and connection across a wide swath of the industry – content creation, music, entertainment, audio, communications – and are internationally recognized events within the creative and technical communities.

The attendees and participants are comprised of decision makers, creative team members and working entertainment industry professionals, who seek top quality information and advice from exhibitors and presenters. Based on post-show interviews and feedback, exhibitors reported that the PALM and Cinema India Expo was extremely well attended and among the most successful that they have participated in.

Alongside the exhibition, compelling speakers appeared at the events to share industry-defining experience with attendees. Don McAlpine, ASC, ACS, presented three sessions during the event. McAlpine, a revered cinematographer who has worked with Baz Luhrman, Bruce Beresford, and John McTiernan among many other internationally recognized directors, presented a Master Class for Kodak along with two other presentations arranged by Cinema India’s international sales and programming partner, Createasphere. McAlpine, an academy award nominated, BAFTA & ASC winner, noted, “I feel the workshops at Mumbai were truly rewarding for all of us. The local film people seemed to be very interested in what I had to say, and attendance grew during each workshop. The questions were searching and each session ran over time. I truly believe it was time well spent.”

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers also participated at Cinema India. Barbara Lange, Executive Director for SMPTE, commented, “SMPTE was delighted to participate in Cinema India for the first time this year. The attendees appreciated the SMPTE presentation delivered by local SMPTE Fellow, Ujwal Nirgudkar, and we were very pleased with the number of leads generated at our SMPTE booth. We look forward to working with the Cinema India in the future. “

Dates for next year’s CIE will be announced soon. Anil Chopra, Managing Director of Diversified Communications India noted that the expos are reaching new heights and pushing their boundaries. “We see that India is front and center in the world viewfinder. There is great progress in entertainment technology taking place in Bollywood that is of great value to the global entertainment business. Cinema India has been the one and only cinema industry expo in India for over 10 years and the PALM Expo is a premier event for the audio and music industry. The creative community in music and movies is gravitating to our all-inclusive-show from across the nation and around the globe.”

About Diversified Business Communications

Diversified Business Communications ( is the parent company of Diversified Communications India and Createasphere. It is based in Portland, Maine, US and provides information and market access through face-to-face events, magazine publishing, and online resources on four continents. Diversified serves a number of industries including: seafood, food service, commercial marine, business management and technology. Diversified operates divisions in Australia, Hong Kong, India, the UK, the US and Canada. For more information, visit:

About Createasphere

Since 2001, HD EXPO created venues where the entertainment and technology communities meet and exchange invaluable information, community and education. At the start of 2010, HD EXPO transitioned to Createasphere, a world where entertainment technology and creative vision converge. Createasphere, building on the success of HD EXPO, is an integrated organization presenting multi-tiered offerings that include expos and events, a membership organization, ongoing professional education, and a dynamic online content resource. Createasphere is headquartered in Burbank, California.

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