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The Wachowskis Transgendering

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 7th, 2009

Larry WachowskiThe Wachowskis have made two indelibly poignant films with the faddish, calculating thriller “Bound” (1996) starring the outlandish game duo of Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon as lipstick lesbians on the make and the cult-spawning first “Matrix” (1999) movie which promulgated life as machine-generated illusion.

Larry WachowskiTheir latest impact on the world of cinema has nothing to do with film and everything to do with gender.  This story has been in the media and kicking around film festivals for years now and every time publicists for the Wachowskis insist that Larry is NOT undergoing a sex-change operation they were obfuscating the obvious.  Larry is no longer a male and is now Lana.

Lana WachowskiThe pain that this transformation has taken is both profound and mind- boggling. The Wachowskis are now the only brother and sister directing, producing and writing team on the Hollywood “A” list.  We at Film Festival Today look forward to Ninja Assassin (2009) and Shaolin Cowboy (2010) and all future endeavors.  Hang in there Lana!


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