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Book Shelf: You Can Act

Written by: FFT Webmaster | May 12th, 2009

You Can ActYou Can Act
By D.W. Brown
Michael Wiese Productions
Studio City, CA 91604

D.W. Brown is a master acting teacher who teaches in one of the finest acting schools in L.A. He has now written a most accessible and definitive acting handbook that provides you with much of the same experience you would get from taking his classes.  The book is divided into eight insightful and engaging sections.  Starting with “Acting a Role”,   Mr. Brown explains how to break down material, work toward the performance and actually doing it   In Section 2, he articulates the principles of the actor. He imparts helpful life and work habit advice such as how to improve your speech, how to deal with failure, set-backs and perseverance.  Section 3 provides the helpful hints that will help you land an acting job.  Sections 4 & 5 deal with aspects of the acting craft and tips.  Staging and blocking suggestions are provided with many helpful hints for working in both television and motion pictures. Brown addresses the special needs of an actor doing comedy and romance with utmost simplicity and candor.  The final sections of this wonderful book help you feel comfortable with many specialty acting situations.  Brown has excellent  hints at how to emotionally convey accents, mental illness and drug problems.  The book lives up to its title of being “a complete guide to acting”.


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