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Buenos Aires Is Toronto’s Sister City

Written by: FFT Webmaster | September 9th, 2011

Each year, the Toronto International Film Festival spotlights a city where its programmers have noticed an exciting new generation of filmmakers are emerging who use the urban locations and atmosphere in ways that are exciting and innovative. This year, the city of choice is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and the Festival is highlighting six films in its hugely popular City To City program. Featured films include CAPRICHOSOS DE SAN TELMO (director Alison Murray, a portrait of the working class musicians and dancers of the city’s bohemian quarter San Telmo; FATHERLAND (Nicolas Prividera), an engrossing essay of the city’s literary heritage as evidenced by its celebrated writers who are buried in the famed Recoleta Cemetery; THE STONES (Roman Cardenas), an absurdist comic debut about the tensions between city dwellers and their rustic neighbors; A MYSTERIOUS WORLD (Rodrigo Moreno), an affectionate drama about Russian immigrant’s infatuation with his new city; POMPEYA (Tamae Garateguy), an intoxicating mix of genres that skillfully satirizes the local filmmaking scene; and CRANE WORLD (Pablo Trapero), a neo-realist look at the no-frills life of a man trying to make a living as a crane operator in a city forever reinventing itself.


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