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Dominican Republic Launches First Film Commission

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 29th, 2011

The Government of the Dominican Republic has announced the creation of its first official Film Commission. Dominican Republic President Leonel Fernández Reyna has appointed Ellis Perez to the post of Director General of Cinematography and established an advisory board and the General Department for Cinematography (DGCINE), which is designed to encourage the growth of film development on the island….a potential $375 million dollar industry with the possibility to employ over 25,000 local people. The new Film Commission is in place to help investors, studios, production companies and independent producers find all the services needed to film their projects in the island nation and provide support with location scouting, permits and clearances. A new tax credit of up to 25% for feature films and television series shot on the island has been approved by the country’s government, making it a viable production location. The Dominican Republic has been the setting of many feature films, including THE GODFATHER II, THE GOOD SHEPHERD, MIAMI VICE, JURASSIC PARK and others. For more information, contact: Isandra Gonzalez, 22 Entertainment,

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