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Elizabeth Olsen Has Set Sights On French Classic For Next Role

Written by: FFT Webmaster | November 14th, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen, who is stirring Oscar buzz for her debut feature role as the troubled teenager in the American indie hit MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, has signed on for her next film. The ingénue actress will star opposite screen veteran Glenn Close in an updated version of THERESE RAQUIN, one of the enduring novels of 19th century French author Emile Zola. Olsen plays a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage who enters into a passionate affair with her husband’s best friend, which can only end badly. Close will play the young woman’s forceful aunt who compels the young girl to marry her gauche first cousin. Television writer Charlie Stratton is adapting the novel and will make his directorial debut with the film, which will shoot in the spring. It should be interesting to witness the sparks between the ingénue and the veteran, who ironically may be battling each other for the Best Actress Oscar this year. Close is being touted for her role as a woman who dresses and conducts herself as a man in 19th century Ireland, in the festival circuit fave ALBERT NOBBS.


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