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FIDMarseille’s International Showcase of Docs And Dramas

Written by: FFT Webmaster | June 27th, 2011

FIDMarseille, the international film showcase set in the southern French port city of Marseilles, has announced its ambitious film program. The festival, which runs from July 6 to 11, will present 40 films in a mix of documentary and dramatic formats from countries across the globe, with many making their international, European or French premieres. Aside from the core competition sections, the Festival will present some thought-provoking sidebars including: Parallel Screens (a mix of rarities and jewels from the origins of film history); Another History of Mexican Cinema (a program of Mexican films from 1934 to today); Suffering And Cruelty: Sadism And Masochism (an outlook of documentary and fiction films exploring these twin obsessions); Varying Portraits (a smorgasboard of film mastery by such cineastes as  Jonas Mekas, Throbbing Grizzle, Guérin, Ophüls, Godard, Harmony Korine and others); In Progress (a spotlight on films in the making); Private Conversations (a focus on the creative use of sound in films); and Paths (a collection of films put together for a young audience). For more information, visit:


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