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Game-Changing DAM Developments Set for Debut at Createasphere Conference

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 5th, 2010


dpBestflow, Media Monetization and Revolutionizing MetaData Explored in Eye-Opening Sessions

February 4, 2010 (Burbank, CA)   The Createasphere DAM conference, set for February 17th & 18th in Los Angeles, will feature a full compliment of quality education aimed at experts, novices and managers.  Over the course of two days of conferences, Createasphere DAM will also present groundbreaking thinking and presentations that have far-reaching impact on the DAM universe.

In August of 2007, the American Society of Media Photographs (ASMP) was awarded funding by the US Library of Congress through its National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIPP) for the Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow (dpBestflow) project.  ASMP assembled a team of experts and thought leaders to research ways to streamline and improve the process, production and preservation of commercial digital artwork.  The result is  The dpBestflow project presents best practices and workflow for the digital photographer from capture to archive, a free resource that explains the components of DAM, and presents recommendations for a real-world workflow.  Peter Krogh, author of the DAM book will present the dpBestflow session, which has not been seen outside of the ASMP arena.

Gunar Penekis, OpenSAMSN, is one of the most recognized global experts in DAM.  Penekis will present “the Message is in the Media” a radical concept built on the strategic use of metadata that purports to fundamentally disrupt how media is currently managed and consumed, opening up new opportunities for optimization and growth.  Just as barcodes revolutionized inventory management and supply chain logistics of physical products; embedded metadata for media will have equally dramatic effects in entertainment.  Strongly attached Metadata and Semantic Namespaces (SAMSN) will revolutionize content rights, licensing, and optimize the digital supply chain.

Jason Bright will present, “Reinventing Everything, the desktop paradigm moves to the Web.”  Bright will focus on how the shifts in technology related to the web 3.0 experience, the advent of 4G, and the plethora of products that are impacting DAM can be managed and monetized.  Smart phones, iPads, tablets, Kindles, are among the products and trends that are moving the power onto the internet and off the desktop; which is having and will continue to have fundamental and important impact on entertainment and DAM.

The Createasphere DAM event takes place at the Universal Hilton, February 17th & 18th and features two full days of conference tracks, lunch roundtables, and cocktail receptions.  For a full lineup of the event or further information, visit, or call 818.842.6611.

About HD EXPO – Createasphere

Since 2001, HD EXPO has created venues where the entertainment and technology communities meet and exchange invaluable information, community and education.  In 2009, HD EXPO transitions to Createasphere, a world where entertainment technology and creative vision converge. Createasphere, building on the success of HD EXPO, is an integrated organization presenting multi-tiered offerings that include expos and events, a membership organization, ongoing professional educations, and a dynamic online content resource.  HD EXPO – Createasphere is headquartered in Burbank, California.

About Createasphere Digital Asset Management Conference

Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference and Exhibition, launching in February, 2010, extends the commitment of the Createasphere brand by shaping the standards and exploring the urgent, evolving global issues of asset management in the entertainment and media sectors.  As those industries head towards a new understanding and protocol, Createasphere DAM Conference will be positioned at the center of the transition, presenting multi-tiered offerings that include online learning, events, and education. DAM is headquartered in Burbank, California.


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