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IDFA Presents New Competition For Music Documentaries

Written by: FFT Webmaster | October 5th, 2011

At next month’s IDFA, the prestigious International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Festival will unveil a new competition for music documentaries. The program consists of fifteen new documentaries, all of which focus on music in different ways. Among the titles already announced are BOB AND THE MONSTER, a portrait of musician Bob Forrest, singer of 80s punk rock band Thelonious Monster; WHEN THE DRUM IS BEATING, a look at the Haitian musical legends Septentrional, whose sound is a mix of Cuban Big Band and Haitian Voodoo; MRS. CAREY’S CONCERT, the story of passionate music teacher Karen Carey, whose aim is to give a big concert in the Sydney Opera House with all of her students; and ANDA UNION: FROM THE STEPPES TO THE CITY, a musical road trip that tells the saga of ten young musicians and their modern interpretations of traditional Mongolian music. Of strong local interest is PARADISO, a film that honors one of Amsterdam’s most famous pop temples, directed by Jeroen Berkvens. The IDFA music program has been organized in cooperation with PLAY, the music film festival organized by Amsterdam pop venue Melkweg. As a special bonus, a, a number of performances by artists who have a connection to the music in the films will also take place, both in the Melkweg and at various IDFA locations. For more information, visit:

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