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Manhattan Edit Workshop Announces David Salter for Artist in Residence Summer 2009

Written by: FFT Webmaster | July 23rd, 2009

Manhattan Edit Workshop 

July 23, 2009 (New York, NY) — David Salter, editor of “Finding Nemo,” “Standard Operating Procedure,” “Toy Story 2” and contributing editor for a number of features including “A Bugs Life,“ brings his varied experience and wisdom to Manhattan Edit Workshop’s Artist In Residence Program this summer.

Film editor and USC Film School alumni Salter got his start assisting on the iconic TV series, “NYPD Blue,” moving on to features via Pixar with hits “Finding Nemo” and “Toy Story 2.”  He has recently co-edited “Standard Operating Procedure” with Oscar® winning documentary director Errol Morris.  Salter, who has edited a broad range of projects, is now at work on a video game project.

Josh Apter, founder of MEWShop, noted that, “We are thrilled to have David Salter join us for AiR – he brings a varied palette of experience to our students: animation, documentary, television and feature films and that is a rare combination.  Our six-week students are anxiously anticipating his involvement in their curriculum.  We’ve been fortunate to have an amazing roster of talent over the four years of AiR – Oscar® winners and editors who have been involved in amazing films with legendary directors.  We are preparing to announce a few more speakers for 2009 that, like David Salter, will be an outstanding addition to our courses. To hear these people is exciting enough, but to have them comment and interact with students is a true gift.”

Past MEWShop Resident Artists have included; Alan Heim (“All That Jazz”*, “Network”*), Andrew Mondshein (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”, “Sixth Sense”), John Gilroy (“Michael Clayton,” “Tumbleweeds”), Stephen Rotter (“The Right Stuff”*, “Enchanted,” “The World According to Garp”), Curtiss Clayton (“My Own Private Idaho,” “The Assassination of Jesse James”), Carol Littleton (“E.T.,” “Grand Canyon”), Christopher Tellefsen (“Capote”*, “The People vs. Larry Flint”), Lee Percy (“Reversal of Fortune”*, “Boys Don’t Cry”), Tom Haneke (“American Dream”*, “He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’”*), Keith Reamer (“I Shot Andy Warhol,” “Suffering Man’s Charity”), Michael Berenbaum (“Before Night Falls,” “Sex and The City”), Bill Pankow (“Drumline,” “The Untouchables”) Larry Silk (“American Dream”*, “Wildman Blues”), Kate Sanford (“The Wire,” “Sex and The City”) and Norman Hollyn (“Heathers,” “The Film Editing Room Handbook”).

(* denotes Oscar® winner).

For information about MEWshop, their courses and AiR, please visit:


Founded in 2002 by Josh Apter, Manhattan Edit Workshop offers a full range of certified courses in the art and technique of film editing – from Final Cut Studio to Avid, from Adobe to corporate and customized classes designed to provide top-tier training to professional and aspiring editors.  The company’s Manhattan Edit WorkForce program, where editor’s reels are created and distributed to a number of top post-production facilities, is a groundbreaking connection service which allows students to meet with industry leaders. For more information please call 212-414-9570 or visit


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