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New Distributor On The Playing Field

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 22nd, 2011

Los Angeles producer Richard Gabai has formed Check Entertainment Distribution to market and distribute a slate of non-studio films, some of which he will be producing or directing himself. Gabai decided to take distribution matters into his own hands after growing frustrated with how his critically lauded film BEAUTIFUL BOY, which won kudos at last year’s Toronto Film Festival, earned less than $80,000 in domestic release last year via distributor Anchor Bay. Gabai will be working with former 20th Century Fox exec Susie Niwa to bring more films to the marketplace. The company’s first release will be the thriller INSIGHT, which is directed by Gabai, and stars Sean Patrick Flannery, Adam Baldwin and Christopher Lloyd. The company is planning to release up to five films per year, and will also help handle the international market for the films. “Having been an independent filmmaker for 23 years, I’m very familiar with the challenges of getting a smaller film into the marketplace”, Gabai recounted in an interview in Daily Variety. “I hope that my company will be able to streamline the process.


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