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Raindance Offers Film Master’s Degree

Written by: FFT Webmaster | August 3rd, 2011

The Raindance Film Festival, London’s leading indie film showcase and presenter of the British Independent Film Awards, has now launched a Masters Degree program that includes a broad range of training courses, industry networking sessions and self-directed study. A unique collaboration between Raindance and Staffordshire University, this part-time postgraduate degree program takes advantage of both on site and distant learning technologies that are transforming higher education. First, students sign up for a 12-day program that occurs during the next Raindance Film Festival (opening on September 28 in London) and over the course of the year, participate in  a part-time study program that allows fledgling filmmakers and seasoned veterans looking to polish up their skill base to pick and chose from the existing Raindance short courses given through the year. For more information on all things Raindance, visit:

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