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REDucation Premieres July 20th at LA CENTER STUDIOS

Written by: FFT Webmaster | July 17th, 2009


Quality, In-Depth Education Leads First Ever RED Sanctioned Training

July 16, 2009 (Burbank, CA)           REDucation, the first RED sanctioned, immersive production and post production training focusing on the RED camera, takes place later this month at LA Center Studios in downtown Los Angeles.  REDucation LA debuts the first of four REDucation events slated for 2009.  Other Los Angeles dates include; October 12-18, November 9-15, and December 4-10.

Kristin Petrovich, President of HD EXPO-Createasphere, the operating sponsor for REDucation, noted that, “For the past four years, we have included RED focused events and panels during HD EXPO.  We’ve seen first hand how compelled the audience is to learn more and more about this camera, its use in production, the evolving post production workflow and anything related to the process.  The interest in REDucation has been no different.  The first events sold out quickly and inquiries about the other sessions in Los Angeles and around the country are intense.”

REDucation was developed by industry leaders that became Founding Members, including; RED, Alternative Rentals, HD EXPO-Createasphere, FotoKem, Keslow Camera, PlasterCITY Digital Post, Apple, and FOX.  HD EXPO-Createasphere is the operations arm of the training.

REDucation consists of three days of RED Tech which has been crafted for the Camera Assistant, DIT, Data Wrangler and cinematographer, and designed for learning on-set practices with RED.  RED Tech focuses on the technical support roles that allow the DP to do their best work.  RED Post, also a three day session designed for professionals, is in-depth post production training taught in real world environments where RED post production moves through all the stages of prepping files for post, editing, color grading and finishing.  RED Tech and RED Post book-end Community Day, where experts and companies present innovative technologies and products to REDucation attendees and to the public.   Sponsors for Community Day include; Adobe, Alternative Rentals, Assimilate, Autodesk, Automatic Duck, Birns & Sawyer-Hollywood, Bogen Imaging, BOXX, Creative Handbook, DaVinci Systems, Digital Vision, DIT Station, DVS, Eizo Nanao, FilmLight, G-Technology, H2O Photo Pros, IDX, IGI, JMR, KeyCode Media, Keslow Camera, LaCie, MacProfessionals, MAXX Digital, Media Distributors, MTI Film, NEBTEK, nextLAB, OConnor, Petrol, R3D Data Manager, RedRock Micro, RIMAGE, Rosco, Sachtler, Schneider Optics, Silverado, and Vegas Pro9.

For further information, please visit or call 818.842.6611.

About REDucation

Launched in July, 2009, REDucation is the only RED approved and sanctioned education for learning RED.  Comprised of RED Tech, RED Post, and Community Day, the training is a fully immersive, hands-on experience with international participation.  Community Day is open to the public and features RED booths and presentations from recognized industry sponsors. HD EXPO-Createasphere operates REDucation, which was created by the founding group of industry leaders including RED, HD EXPO-Createasphere, FotoKem, Keslow Camera, Apple, FOX, Alternative Rentals, and PlasterCITY Digital Post. For further information, visit or call 818.842.6611.


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