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Written by: FFT Webmaster | April 27th, 2020

Jon Fitzgerald at Cause Pictures sends us this message:

Hey, filmmakers! It’s common knowledge that the success of an indie filmmaker can be heavily influenced by whether or not a film has a successful festival run. If your film makes even the tiniest of splashes, it can lead to distribution, sales, financing, representation, connections, exposure/street cred, and future (paid!) gigs. That’s a pretty bad-ass list, amiright?!? The problem is that so many filmmakers don’t know what they don’t know and they end up sabotaging their own film, killing it’s chances of making an impact (sometimes before it has even screened)!

So here’s where FILM FESTIVAL MASTERY comes in. Longtime Film Festival Today friend and Slamdance co-founder Jon Fitzgerald, along with award-winning filmmaker Justin Giddings, have teamed up to break down insider secrets to maximize your film-festival experience … on a budget!

This LIVE Free online seminar will teach you:

  • How to get into top-tier film festivals (and why that doesn’t really matter…)!
  • One simple trick to saving $500 – $1000 on submission fees (without begging programmers for freebies & handouts)!
  • How to ensure your film has the highest chance of being seen by the ACTUAL decision makers!
  • How to leverage your festival experience to push your career forward!
  • Live Q+A!! Pepper us with questions related to film festivals, filmmaking, and even film financing!
  • BONUS: What does COVID-19 mean for filmmakers and film festivals?

Whether you have a completed film or the rough outline of a good movie idea, it’s never too early to be incorporating a solid film festival strategy into your process.

Sign up here: 


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