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Festival Announcement: The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival

Written by: Alyssa | June 12th, 2015

Are you a movie buff who likes to do a bit of gambling on the side? The Las Vegas Lift-Off Film Festival might be just what you need.

Launched by the Lift-Off Film Festival Network, this year’s festival in Las Vegas aims to fulfill the Network’s 5 goals: First, to give value back to submitters for their submission fee with bespoke content; second, to highlight and define true independent work without the technical snobbery; third, to introduce new audiences to the wonders of independent cinema; fourth, to be a good avenue for quality work to be presented all over the world; and fifth, to build the professional careers of all filmmakers who approach the Network with their work. Also available in London, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Tokyo, Lift-Off Film Festivals have been hard at work at launching the careers of independent filmmakers all over the globe.

The Festival’s motto is to “Look beyond the gloss, and put talent before technology.“ and they give credence to the quality of independent films over anything else. In line with their mission to bring great independent films to a growing audience, they are also among the first in Nevada to be free to attend for all members of the general public. Where else could such a film festival work, if not in Vegas? Known for its increasingly accommodating culture, Vegas has already drawn in nearly 14 million visitors as of April of this year. The gambling industry has also tried to appeal to film buffs in the past, with Intercasino launching a slot game called “Hollywood Reels”, which uses elements of the old film industry in the spinning reels of the slot game. The Las Vegas Lift-Off Festival is the culmination of years of efforts to bring independent film to the diverse group that visits Vegas every year, and is a promising start for the industry in the region.

The Festival takes place on June 24-27th, at the Brenden Theater in the Palms Casino. Entrance is free to the general public, but seating is not guaranteed. The Festival has also put out a call for entries for next year, so interested filmmakers can submit their work and receive bespoke content and tips from the Network.


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