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Rooftop Films 2018 Gala

Written by: FFT Webmaster | February 22nd, 2018

On February 15th at St. Bart’s Church in NYC, it was my first time attending a Rooftop Films event, and what a pleasant surprise it was. As I was walking in I bumped into my old friend Sean Baker (Tangerine), who used to edit my short videos back in the day. I also ran into other old friends I know from the film festival circuit. During Rooftop Films very entertaining 2018 Gala, the place was packed, and it was nice that I also met some new and interesting filmmaking industry folk that I look forward to keeping in touch with in the near future. I definitely dig the vibe Rooftop Films is kicking, and during their pre-event reception, where everyone was drinking & eating to their hearts content, I watched past Rooftop Films events at different New York City locations on their giant screens, which looked amazing. I had to leave early, but sure would have liked to have stayed longer and kept enjoying the awesome atmosphere Rooftop Films provides.

Rooftop Films 2018 Gala - Sean Baker and Yance Ford
Rooftop Films 2018 Gala – Sean Baker and Yance Ford

After the event I read that Sean Baker (The Florida Project) said “I love the way that Rooftop knows that innovation, inspiration, and excitement can be found in imperfection. If they wanted to create a perfectly controlled environment they wouldn’t show films outdoors in the middle of the city. They like to take chances and see where the evening takes us all.” I agree wholeheartedly and highly recommend attending upcoming Rooftop Film events


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