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Sundance 2012 Capsule Commentaries

Written by: FFT Webmaster | January 24th, 2012

Park City, Utah—-After a December which broke all time records for lack of snow, Park City got hammered with two feet of the white stuff this first weekend of the Sundance Film Festival.

>Hello I Must Be Going: This opening night film tells the story of a 34 yr. old woman who must move back in with her parents due to the economy.  She meets and falls into a love affair with a 19 yr old. Director Todd Louiso’s film,  while no knock-out,  is heartfelt and honest. **1/2 out of 4

>Red Hook Summer: Director Spike Lee continues his “Chronicles of Brooklyn” with this poignant tale of our times  including pedophilia in the Black Church.  It may run a bit longer than it should but it accomplishes what it set of to do. ***out of 4

>Arbitrage: Documentarist Nicholas Jarecki tries his hand at fiction with this financial based thriller and succeeds for the most part.  Plot is a little derivative of Bonfire of the Vanities but a strong performance from Gere and ensemble cast of Sarandon, Roth and Marling will entertain and titillate. ***out of 4

>Wrong: Director Quentin Dupieux(“Rubber”)returns to the festival circuit with another absurdest and funny meta-art film about a man whose dog was kidnapped.***out of 4

>The Surrogate: Director/writer Ben Lewin’s tale of a man confined to an iron lung attempting to  experience carnal pleasure will cause you to well up.  While not as strong as “Diving Bell and The Butterfly” it should figure into Awards consideration. ***1/2 out of 4

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